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I'm looking for a similar movie I'm looking for a similar movie Who else thought... Is there anyone who... Did they use a condom the first time? I think Colosso should have been permanently turned into a human at some point. I think it should be a couple instead. Which of the two girls do you think he had sex with first? A funny thing I did. Is what Aunt Ruth does a form of child abuse? View all posts >


No, it's not that. That's it. Thank you. The first Zeldas were unreasonably difficult. I have played Zelda 1 and I don't think I'd have ever found the last two dungeons if I hadn't looked it up on the Internet. Don't waste your life on that. You have nothing to prove. Maybe they did. Maybe the old guy ignored him and fucker her anyway and the blood was because of the deviginilization. So, who do you think it was? Is there any evidence? It does matter. The first one took the first load, which is bigger. You're uncool. Can you remember what that line said? View all replies >