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Good concept, horrendous execution. I write better than Rowling I think she should have been drugged in every single episode of the show. If the director of this movie was a man... This is why I'm not a Christian. How didn't she become a drug addict? If you liked the Groundhog Day time loop concept, you ought to read this horror novel. Were they using condoms? Did Marco and Brunzetta have sex? Did the kids have sex in the end? View all posts >


When you say tedious, you mean my novels or this discussion? I really hope you mean the latter, lol. In any case, I guess this discussion has dragged on for too long indeed. I'm just trying to begin somewhere. I have no money for an ad campaign, so I'm trying to work with what I've got (sites, social media etc) What did you expect me to say? 'My novels are bad, don't get them'? I have to try something instead of just sitting on my butt. If you ever read the 'look inside' sample of some novel of mine, come to my blog and give me feedback. I'm willing to improve and I'm open to advice, but I need something more specific than 'you lack skills, you're tedious etc' I did answer. If you want to see the true extent of my writing skills, read my novels. Even if you don't feel like buying them, you can still read the 'look inside' sample on Amazon. When I write a novel, I'm serious and concentrated and double check everything. For example, it took me 2 months to finish the Superbia novel, despite it not being super long (53.000 words), exactly because I wanted to make sure there were no language mistakes. My English isn't perfect (though I keep practicing and improving every day), but I don't think that, after all that effort on my part, one will find in my books more than some minor error once in a blue moon. I hope you will give my novels a chance someday. Bye. Are you talking about Funny Joke Time? I reread it and there are some minor tense mistakes indeed, but I was just careless. It's kinda unfair to judge my language skills from a blog post I wrote in a relaxed mood, without expecting to gain anything from it. I make grammar mistakes? Can you state an example? Not anymore. By the way, if you want to learn stuff about me, you can also have a look at my blog... https://lonesoulofmine.blogspot.com/ I'm 33, though most people around me believe, for some reason, that I have the mentality of a teenager. I'm not following you. Sentence fragments can arguably make a story more poetic. Misogynistic plot? Have you even read this, honey? Superbia is an unconventional superheroine. This is anything but misogynistic. Can you post a review on Amazon? View all replies >