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Beauty This is an awful movie. Jimmy Hoffa They are in sub-freezing temperatures. Stunningly beautiful. Why, oh, why, did they have to have a romance? Could HW not read? "Well, let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet." Anyone who believes Travis is a dope. It seems to me that people who consider this movie "scary" . . . View all posts >


Gus and Woodrow interviewing Po Campo for the cooking job. He asks if Po Campo will run off like the last cook because he missed his wife. Po Campo: "She is in hell, where I sent her. She made good biscuits, but her behavior was terrible." Gus (to Woodrow): "I think we just found our man. Maybe because it is boring, has bad acting, and characters nobody with a brain wave even cares about. You must have low standards. Maybe because a lot of people who watched this movie were very much hoping for them to die. Horrible characters. He did, but it doesn't matter. Harvey Keitel makes any film better. You are right. Sheeran was a prolific liar. I don't believe him. On top of everything else, he's a habitual liar. I think the actor became a problem leaking upcoming plot lines, so they dumped him. "That's right. Go back to New Jersey, cocksucka!" [Reminded that Vito is a captain] "Of the Good Ship Lollipop." Crazy in the head, crazy in bed. My arch nemesis. View all replies >