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Ii hate these cliffhanger endings. Zombieland 2 One of the most darling, girl next door, wanna have her . . . I think . . .. I respect everybody's opinion, and do not wish to argue whether this is good or bad. But, here's my problem. "Don't cry in front of the Mexicans." Emma Stone in this movie. A timeless beauty. Is she, from her 20s into her 50s . . . Was Keaton the best Batman? View all posts >


I couldn't agree more. It was just a bunch of catch phrases/cliches and names strung together and very awkwardly, too. I couldn't even find it listed in the movie's credits. Haha. I love those decades too late crushes. It happened to me when I first saw Donna Reed in "It's a Wonderful Life." Oh, don't worry, I'll get over it. I thoroughly enjoyed Phoenix in other films, including Signs, Walk the Line, We Own the Night, and Gladiators, so I will be back. My wife even took a decade or two to get over Blake, and then liked (or at least watched) him in that show where he was a detective with some kind of bird. To each his own. I prefer a character with some awareness. Because it was funny as hell. IMO, the best Western ever. And I'm a big fan of High Noon, Shane, Once Upon A Time In The West, Stagecoach, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, etc., plus Blazing Saddles haha. Agreed. The English Bob segment was awesome, and Richard Harris was delicious in that role. I'll bet he and Eastwood had a few laughs and a lot of beers during filming. AVP was a dumb concept from the git go. Brody should never be allowed to play a tough guy in an action film. It's not believable. "Arguably just as good, maybe even better than, the original with Arnold" Ha, that's hilarious. It's not even close to the original. View all replies >