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Why, oh, why, did they have to have a romance? Could HW not read? "Well, let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet." Anyone who believes Travis is a dope. It seems to me that people who consider this movie "scary" . . . Why in the world . . . Has Catherine Keener I may not be up to speed on current events, but Continuity - Barney's singing Shallow women? View all posts >


Average, not ugly or beautiful. Yes, you knew from the first scene that whoever she had met before that point was dead or otherwise gone. I, also would have preferred a chronological telling. And, it easily could have told the same story in 1:40. "Based on a true story." Haha. That usually means almost nothing in the film is accurate. Haha. "Based on a true story." You know what that means? Somebody was in a boat once and things went bad. Wow, you're not exactly reaching for the stars, are you? The Grey? Well, since they are either clueless or lying, I doubt anyone has PTSD. Plus, you are uninformed about the "lie detector" tests. I am amazed how gullible people will swallow a story and never bother to check it out first. In which of his 15 versions did he say this? That's because the ship was only in the minds of hoaxers Travis and his brother. View all replies >