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The lead actor is such a wuss in this movie America’s Got Talent is SJW Propaganda How is this not cancelled yet? Her cholesterol must be off the charts If the lead actors were black this would have won the Oscar Too many girl men in Hollywood these days Why are two women mercenaries in this? Why don’t Liberals just ignore Trump? A movie aimed at morons Why do people buy horrible movies at the store? View all posts >


Harry is a pale ginger who’s lucky to even get laid, I hope Meghan is just using him for money and then divorces him and then I can take a swing at her. If Democrats were in charge the whole world would be infected because of open borders. National debt when Obama took office—> 9 trillion After Obama left office—> 20 Trillion You were saying? She’s a typical libtard, brainwashed and politically retarded. She’s got a nice body though. Homeless people are almost always Democrats and it’s because of Democrat policies. If it weren’t for Republicans we would be a third world country right now. Lowest Black unemployment ever, strong economy, and ISIS wiped out......its been a good run so if we could just get going on the wall, Trump might go down as the best president ever. You know why there are so many homeless in California? It’s because of radical Progressive policies from the left. Always vote Republican my friend, always. It’s not about manhood, it’s about women trying to occupy men’s spaces and the Beta males allowing it to happen because they’re complete pansies. But don’t worry, this progressive nonsense is about to feel the wrath of Alpha men all across this country. As Mel Gibson once said “They might take our spaces, but they’ll never take our freedom”. So The Boy Scouts giving into the pressure from feminists and progressive groups and now allowing girls to join them isn’t a war against masculinity? Wow how convenient lol 😂 Where do you stand on this argument exactly? That millennials aren’t wimpy man-childs? That the Rock is more manly than Charles Bronson? That it’s okay for grown ass men to cry on college campuses? Have you heard the expression “man up”? I quite like it. View all replies >