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I love this movie! Saw Dracula 2000 for the first time tonight in 2024 Very atmospheric! Anyone else watching in the States? Charles Affron’s biography of Lillian Gish Interesting short film What drives Hortense’s behaviour? - Spoiler Alert Shanghai Drama One of the best series ever! View all posts >


11 years later, but I agree. Actually, I enjoyed this movie very much and Butler’s performance especially. I’ll probably not receive a reply. It has been 9 years since you posted , but I love this Dracula. Sin must be attractive to tempt a person. Gerard Butler fills that bill. I am from New Orleans so I enjoyed seeing the movie set there. Also, I agree that Dracula 2000 is a tragedy. Judas was necessary for Christ’s passion so he was doomed. I also enjoyed watching Jonny Lee Miller’s Simon. As to your first point, the consensus on the Deadwood Sub-redit is that Andy was referring to someone who died in the Great Chicago fire. As to the second point, yes, he had some scheme in mind when he first arrived at the Bella Union. Definitely felt Joanie and Cy had previously worked with Andy on some kind of fast ones. I found him very convincing in The Phantom of the Opera during the scenew he is singing and coiled around Emmy Rossum. That scene was hot. I can’t help you but I too am looking for the movie with English subtitles. Please let me know if you have been successful in securing such an item. We just discovered it this summer. It is absorbing. The characters (Brock, Petra, Frau Anny) are well-written and well-acted. Heino Ferch does a great job as Brock. Some women were gang raped by so many soldiers that they died from the rapes. Granted it has been 12 years since you asked, but right now (March 2022) it is streaming on The Criterion Channel for a limited time. American here. Well, six years have passed since you posted but I am replying in English. I’ve read several of the books so I thought I would give the series a try. Overall, it is good but not great. I will stick with it. A series sometimes needs to find its footing. View all replies >