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I like it. Michael gay. The part about it not having organic skin. It does. You saying it doesn't is speculation. If it traveled through time is has an organic shell, or at least can synthesize one. Sounds like public transport on an alien star trek planet. Yeah but lower middle class is pretty much lower class. In the area the live in. Or nearly anywhere. What is they lowest class in your opinion? Homeless? Same with my Pornhub reviews Trapezoid 🤮 Yeah my point about river's edge is from memory of watching it years ago. But yeah, so many bad movies would be awesome, if they were aloud to be say 40, 50 minutes instead. So you have tv shows and you have movies. We need to invent a inbetween, a novella of film. We can, right now come up with a name for it. Im drawing a blank though. Ahh, good times... I guess, some of my best memories are hectic street fights. I'm not even a person who starts them. I just don't take shit, or let anybody be picked on or taken advantage of. I've also lost more fights then I've won. Mostly cause I would never start a fight with someone I think I could beat. Might be something wrong with me. I wish I knew someone in my immediate circle of friends, who could watch Heathers on repeat with me. I'm sure if we met in the real world we would be kindred spirits, if only for our love of Heathers. I'm sure we would disagree on almost everything else, but it wouldn't matter. View all replies >