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was sitting at home watching a movie and then.. i liked it hectic ***Baker's Dozen: Movies where technology is not you're friend*** The dog Ace has superhero like powers? awesome movie great movie looks like she wearing someone elses face ***BAKER'S dozen: Movies set in real time View all posts >


Watch it now! 3 episodes of neighbours What is the best cereal? This is true i never feel unsave in Australia, at anytime or anyplace. It makes people desensitized. Definitely true, plus it seems people have more of an appetite to hear about these stories now. Yeah she is okay, she was a nurse in the army as well. But yeah when mum left work yesterday the lady was still alive but my mum said there wasnt much chance of her surving through the night. 11. ace ventura ,jim carrey when the shark pops out the water My mum is a nurse at the hospital where the mother was taken and later died. Shit is horrific. I hate how she always has to pronouce every word in itallion the right way, annoying. View all replies >