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The only real job Marx ever had... At Walmart yesterday I can only think of one movie that... I'm fairly certain that Hamilton owned... Cam Newton LOL I think they were running out of money in the final season ... Census records show that there were free blacks in the pre war South The party of great names like Carter, Clinton, Ted Kennedy and Anthony Weiner Corporations and 70 bilionaires Where's all the racism? I don't see it. View all posts >


I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday. Ok I won't. Have you ever seen YouTube videos of what happens when a large group of blacks gather at a fast food restaurant and there's a disagreement? There's no doubt in my mind they are more prone to being loud obnoxious and violent. Racism will always exist. Do you think the death penalty should be used to fight it? Absolutely. I think there are some out there. If you find a black who is highly successful odds are he or she is either an immigrant or a first-generation American. But I really doubt that life is as bleak for most blacks as the woke media want us to believe. No I didn't wear a mask it's starting to be a signal to others of support for authoritarian government. Only a Democrat would be dumb enough to inject herself with disinfectant (or do it to a spouse to murder him like what happened the time before when the Woke media exaggerated something Trump said). You are a moron. It's obvious that Trump sometimes thinks out loud via Twitter. It's like thinking 'Las Vegas shooter where are you" while you're watching anarcist communists burning down cities. They are as nutty as any religious cult. And there are 10s of millions of them and many times more who will vote for them without knowing what they're voting for. Very sad and frightening. View all replies >