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Someone should put together a real A-Team Marc Maron When will they have the first trans-gender bachelorette? This entire movie is like a Warner Brothers cartoon... Gotta admit. Remember during the slow-speed pursuit Fake weiners no good Little Known Facts (you can add your own) I wonder if Groundskeeper Carl is based on... When Joe Diaper Load took office View all posts >


Keep dreaming. He'll be back. What? Kids with a handicap can't be comical? Besides, I never said anything about it. You're so ignorant. PS stay on topic. I called her "SHE" because she is and always will be a female. SHE probably doesn't have one yet. I never liked the show very much so I seldom watched it. Not enough catch the scenes you describe. I think the "I'm superior" attitudes of Alan Alda and his buddy (either number 1 or 2) turned me off even when I was a kid. I started to watch it. It was so bad I gave up after about 10 minutes into it. He died as a result of his health problems and drug use. And being a moron who refused to do what he was told. Shobin (or whatever his name is) shouldn't have ever been charged with anything. Thumbs up Too bad she wasn't more racist. She and Goldman would be alive. View all replies >