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She looks great. Incels have successfully convinced other incels to commit suicide before. “Take the rope” is a saying they have. How dare a woman feel “delighted” over the possibility of sex. So many creeps post here. Eww, what an absolutely vile post. You think a sex slave got what she wanted, because she was willing to have a holiday fling? Stay the fuck away from women, you disgusting creep. So... you don’t know that she still fancies guys? She’s bi. Look for a better reason to justify your obvious agenda. No, but you see way more naked women and women being raped. I’m guessing that’s something people like the op don’t care about. This doesn’t go against what I said at all. Alondro has a lot of free time. Lol yes, let’s pretend that women weren’t oppressed in the 17th century. She’s clearly done something to her lips though. View all replies >