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“ Here endeth the lesson”. Lol you’re actually crazy if you believe that. Some white actors have said absolutely vile things and not suffered at all. Michael Weatherly was recently caught on tape asking an actress to his “rape van”. She was fired for it and he wasn’t, because the network decided to try and frame the actress instead. Sure though... white men automatically have their lives destroyed that easily. Lol so crazy. Your example doesn’t even work btw. White male actors have absolutely nothing they can ask for equality on in Hollywood. What do they want? Even more male directors? More male writers? More male producers? They’re already in the lead. What a joke. Of course you can call women sexist names. I even see it on daytime tv. It’s considered sexist by some, but it’s still extremely common and regularly goes by without being called out. There’s even a whole genre of music that’s regularly filled with misogynistic language. Just become a rapper if you want to be sexist. Of course language is so inherently sexist towards women, that a woman could probably not even match you on insults. Sexual insults are typically female orientated. Then insults like son of a bitch or bastard are actually insults to mothers. Hell, you could be openly sexist and become the next president! The vast majority of rapists get away with their crimes. As of right now, 50% of the female population in South Africa will be raped in their lifetime. Does that sound like privilege? Speaking of a slap, women are waaaay more likely to be raped and/or murdered by their partner. What privilege. They’ve even just decriminalised some forms of domestic violence against women in Russia. What privilege. 300,000 women still die in childbirth each year. Women are more likely to be harassed at work and in their daily lives. Women are more likely to be ignored at work and passed over for promotions, due to preconceived notions. Do you include women in places like South Africa, India, China, Honduras, Columbia etc in your claim of privilege? Are you including girls who are denied an education still? The millions of child brides out there? In Japan, school girls have to ride in separate areas on public transport, due to the sheer amount of sexual assault that occurs. What privilege! There are so many more hate sites aimed at women than men. I can’t think of any aimed at men. I can think of 8 aimed at women off the top of my head, including sites where known rapists and mass killers have frequented. You’re currently posting on a site full of misogynists. What’s one of the biggest influences ever on the world? Religion. What are most religions? Misogynistic. No leading religion is telling us that women are to be in charge of men. That’s why religion has been used to hold women back for an age. Women never have and never will be more privileged than men in society. To suggest so over things like a hypothetical slap is a fucking joke. You’re so used to being privileged, that any sign of equality seems like oppression to you. Look around. White men have mostly been the ones targeting female orientated movies. Acknowledging that is NOT sexist against men. With that line of thinking, of course you think you’re the victim here. I’m willing to bet that article you read was a typical mgtow article, full of half truths and straight up lies. “But... more women go to university!!!”... yeah, because men with a degree can get higher paying jobs than women without a degree. “But... more men commit suicide!”... yes and more women attempt suicide, but those guys never mention that half of the statistic. Seriously, you have a wife and 3 kids and you spend your time whining on the message boards of movies with female leads and the actresses who star in them? Greta Thunberg too? Even the married ones are being misogynistic saddos online. You probably should hate to agree with the misogynist who said all women fuck for power. All women lol. Imagine being this bitter. Does your gran know that you think she fucked to get power? What a joke. You creeps project your hatred so much, just because a woman wants more diversity amongst film critics. Grow up. He’s definitely an incel. Poor little creep. Imagine being the mother to a man who hates your gender so much. She must be gutted. Women won’t have sex with you. Move on and stop being so bitter and hateful, which ironically, makes you very unattractive. That’s so damn pathetic. Using incel buzzwords because a man likes 2 movies movie with female leads. You guys are so miserable. He probably think it’s feminist garbage, because the rapists were the bad guys. It’s just another site that’s been taken over by the incels and misogynists. They seem to spend the most time online. It’s an extreme exaggeration and none of you weirdos would be reacting this way if a teen boy expressed an interested in sex. Creeps. View all replies >