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<b>Originally posted by Eric56:</b> <blockquote>I have a hard time believing an old woman could kill fit, young healthy teens. Not buying it. </blockquote> That's because the movie is a woke explosion. Mrs. Voorhees looked non-binary too. She did get very lucky with a lot of the kills. She was a very strong straight white female character (who looked non-binary) who used her strength to kill straight cisgender white men and straight white cisgender women. Mrs. "Woke Non-Binary Looking" Voorhees seems to have the strength of superman and the speed of The Flash the way she got around that camp and threw the bodies through the windows and hung them up on doors with ease. It was certainly a woke explosion. They figured she was a strong straight cisgender white woman who could handle Michael. Woke neighbors. So woke I can't even see anymore. *mind blown* Am I? Hmmmmm I still think it would've been cool if Laurie shot (non-binary or cisgender) Michael. I still can't believe she didn't know the killer from Friday the 13th, despite the fact she said she saw the movie "20 goddamn times." I think Gellar was hotter in this movie. Both are extremely hot in my opinion but I think I lean a bit more towards Gellar here. Always had more of a thing for her. To each their own. *shrugs shoulders* I think Bridgette Wilson in Billy Madison is when she was at her hottest. She's more than just a pair of boobs. With that being said, yes she is very hot and has a very nice pair of boobs. :) I want to know what they said about her. You can't make a post like that and not type what they said! I will be the sole judge on whether or not it was sexist. With all that being said, she was very hot indeed. Bucking those gender norms. Interesting point. At least in the beginning they get naked in the lake. Very based girls. Way too woke for 1984. My brain is in recovery mode. I thought she was good. Maybe she got bad reviews because she's Mormon and refused to do the movie if there was nudity in it. Way too woke for 1982. Be nice. <blockquote> No dangly bits going near Eliot. <b>He dont need dangly bits to prove he's a man.</b> Just saying so is enough. </blockquote> True! Based AF! The moment Elliot said, "I'm a man," the pussy and tits disappeared? Interesting. These trans people sure have magical powers! Killing a child in a horror movie would've gotten them cancelled. Funny. It actually would be kind of woke in a way if the kid did die. Actually, Pet Sematary did have the child get run over and killed by the semi-truck. Perhaps, but maybe not in the way you think it is. Then there was this woke exchange with casual sexism thrown in by Brackett: <blockquote> Sheriff Leigh Brackett: A man wouldn't do that. Dr. Sam Loomis: This isn't a man. </blockquote> Loomis also refers to Michael as "purely and simply evil." Maybe Michael is non-binary. Woke Loomis thought Michael wasn't a man. Michael never actually self-identified. John Carpenter is packing a punch here. He seemed straight. He seemed to have a weird obsession with his sister and female babysitters. Even if he was asexual, that would be woke. Asexuals are a minority, slightly higher than the transgender community. But, his asexuality is never really mentioned. But, why was he so obsessed with female babysitters if he was asexual? Might have to re-evaluate John Carpenter's woke score. Sean S. Cunningham's net worth is $20 million. Very woke, indeed. While the movie was very woke for 1980 with straight white men all being killed by a straight white middle aged woman who also looked non-binary, the killing of the snake seemed to be inserted to have just a smidge of anti-woke content. Sean S. Cunningham is a real enigma.