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"You coon shits!" What Made Dave McFly Change Jobs? Remake with Black Cast (any time period) Anyone Else Love Kelly Meeker? Alan Sounded Like A Terrorist / Kidnapper On The Phone lol If Doc Sent Einstein 1 Minute Into The Past, What Time Would Einstein's Watch Say? It Would Have Been Funny If The Cashier Figured Out Walt's Lottery Numbers Were GPS Coordinates Anyone Notice the Timing of Mr. Hand's class was off? Can Anyone Explain S1 E1 with Feeny Cooking the Salad? One of Feeny's Funniest Moments View all posts >


Kenny was fat shamed by Gail Weathers. Diverse enough for me. I could also see Randy being gay. He was more interested in watching Halloween instead of hooking up with the other girls....and Halloween was another white-on-white crime movie. Movie was very woke for its time. White guys, black guys, and a Mexican chick. I remember some people back in 1987 saying this movie was going to bring about the death of western civilization due to its diversity agenda. What channel is it airing on re runs? Haven't seen it on TV in ages. If anyone hates this movie, then they also hate America. Even the Rolling Stones put out disco songs in the early 1980's. My guess is that when Chris passed out, Jason thought she was dead. He most likely looked at the camera, shrugged his shoulders, and walked off as a laugh track is played in the background. 3 great songs about the subject 4 better than 3?!?!? Absolutely not! 3 had a good story line, just bad special effects. Dennis Quaid was high on coke in every scene, which is great. Lea Thompson was smoking hot in the swimming scene in this one, too. Whoever says 4 is better has a serious problem lol It's so bad it makes Jaws 3D look like a masterpiece. However, it's still funny in a sad way nonetheless, but I'd much rather watch the first 3 Jaws movies. lol when I was a kid and I would watch it, the part where the kid asked, "Got any cigarettes?" and Rockwell responded, "Regular or menthol?", I always thought he was saying, "mentos" and I was like, "They have cigarettes that taste like mentos candy?!?!" View all replies >