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Walt And Jesse's Views Change About The Cash What Do You Think Makes Frank Refuse To Work? Bad Editing in one part? (Spoilers) Who Called The Cops At The End? A friend hates this movie If Bobby Dagen fell on the spikes and died on the first trap... Why do only certain people get mind flayed? Wouldn't they wonder why the corpse wasn't smelling? How Michael know about the moving kitchen counter? If this show was real life.... View all posts >


And in the first scene with the lab, Walt was originally going to get 3 million from Gus. But when Walt demanded Jesse as a partner, Walt split it with him 1.5 million each. Just shows how he wasn't so greedy when it first started. I made a mistake. I saw he was 13 years 8 months when done filming and based on the fact he's only 4 months away from turning 14, I said he almost aged a year. I forgot to take into account the 2 months to 8 months, which is only 6 months. haha Apparently the movie was filmed from October 9, 1990 - March 28, 1991. Edward Furlong was born August 2, 1977 so he would've been about 13 years, 2 months when they started filming and about 13 years, 8 months when they finished filming. He did almost age 1 full year during filming, so you are right. Maybe it was different back then, but usually in my area all stores and malls close at 6 pm on Christmas Eve. I've always said that Brad should've just went and got Dennis Taylor right away. How hard is it to say, "Hold on sir, I'll get my manager and you can talk to him about this?" It was obvious Dennis Taylor was there. Brad looked all confused. At a job like that, you are told to get the manager if you don't know the answer. There was a 1920's party when Jack saw Grady's ghost and they talked in the bathroom. Jack got absorbed into the hotel and is stuck in the 1920's era, I suppose. I don't know, but my favorite seasons are 1-4, then 9-12 with Kutcher, then 5-8. I thought the Kutcher seasons were good. But that guy looked literally 3 feet away from Jesse at most Why did Skinny need Badger to drive a completely different car away? Skinny said something like, "drive it to the mexican border." What's the point of doing this? Remember that kid at the elementary school who was grabbed by Michael? Maybe that was Ben Tramer's little brother and he told him about Michael and Ben decided to dress up like him lol View all replies >