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Buck Angel as Strickland Elliot Page as Marty McFly It's like asking, "Why haven't I found that needle in the haystack? I even know the exact spot where the needle got tossed in." "Robert Duane Ballard (born June 30, 1942) is a retired American Navy officer and a professor of oceanography at the University of Rhode Island who is most noted for his work in underwater archaeology: maritime archaeology and archaeology of shipwrecks. He is most known for the discoveries of the wrecks of the RMS Titanic in 1985, the battleship Bismarck in 1989, and the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown in 1998. He discovered the wreck of John F. Kennedy's PT-109 in 2002 and visited Biuku Gasa and Eroni Kumana, who saved its crew. He leads ocean exploration on E/V Nautilus." "Argo is an unmanned deep-towed undersea video camera sled developed by Dr. Robert Ballard through Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute's Deep Submergence Laboratory. Argo is most famous for its role in the discovery of the wreck of the RMS Titanic in 1985. Argo would also play the key role in Ballard's discovery of the wreck of the battleship Bismarck in 1989." "After their missions for the Navy, Knorr arrived on site on August 22, 1985,[9] and deployed Argo. When they searched for the two submarines, Ballard and his team discovered that they had imploded from the immense pressure at depth.[10] It littered thousands of pieces of debris all over the ocean floor.[10] Following the large trail of debris led them directly to both[10] and made it significantly easier for them to locate them than if they were to search for the hulls directly.[10] He already knew that the Titanic imploded from pressure as well, much the same way the two submarines did, and concluded that it too must have also left a scattered debris trail.[10] Using that lesson, they had Argo sweep back and forth across the ocean floor looking for the Titanic's debris trail.[9] They took shifts monitoring the video feed from Argo as it searched the ocean floor two miles below." Apparently it was filmed in 1993. It wasn't released until October 19, 1994. Must've taken a while for the movie to be edited. That's about a year and a half. If I didn't know his age, I would've guessed he was 40 in this movie. A leg lamp...he seemed to love those. i always thought it was funny the way Ralphie just responds to her with, "Don't bother me, I'm thinking," and she just shrugs and walks away lol Yeah, but that's just chemicals naturally coming together because Walt knows the process that make them do that. How does that explain closing a packet? He can't use chemicals for that. Originally posted by motorcycledriveb: <blockquote>Blah, politics. No one wins at politics. I keep telling people this: politics is only something you participate in - not something you win or lose at. Re: Ralphie's mom. Sometimes, wives/mothers do call the shots. Ralphie's mom did successfully get rid of the leg lamp! I can't blame her though. <b>If I was her, I'd probably also destroy that lamp.</b></blockquote> That's because you're a sensitive snowflake who can't handle something as simple as a leg lamp. It's not even a real woman attached to the leg and you're triggered out of control! What if it was a picture of an actual naked woman??!!? You sound like an insane Radical Muslim© on Radical Leftist© steroids. View all replies >