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There are men that prefer sex with men but like the emotional connection with a woman. This seems like the case for Freddie. David Bowie was also bi but his preference ended up being women. I think he just dabbled. At the time Rupert came out it was career suicide. Not so much now. It also depends on the actor cause Luke Evans & Matt Bomer are being cast in straight roles. Bruce was riding high off of the hit Moonlighting so he was hot at that time and then he did Die Hard. So I'm guessing the record company. I think its a mistake not including R-rated content. I mean they already have the Disney channels & Disney movies Pay per view channel for kids. The Streaming should be for everything. They will probably include original content. I do remember reading something about Lady & the Tramp. Not sure if its live action or a sequel. It was a time when a lot of actors thought they could sing too or was trying to. I'm not going to lie, Respect yourself is a bop tho. Both actors from Miami Vice had singles. The dude from American Werewolf in London had a single. Patrick Swayze had a song. Lets not forget Eddie Murphy. You'll be surprised how many actors released album &/or singles. It depends on the type of club and what you're going for. We are the same age and I'll only go to clubs that play house & lounge. It usually has an more mature crowd. I don't mess around anywhere there are youngins. I'm not sure if you notice but most of their cartoon adaptations are from dark stories. The only one that stayed dark was Hunchback from Notre Dame. Pocahontas even got Disney-fied. They had to make them kid friendly. I mean Sleeping Beauty got raped while sleeping. I don't think parents would want their kids watching that version. The reason they are buying Fox was for their content. People keep mentioning Star Wars & Marvel as if that is all Disney are. Disney was built off of Mickey Mouse and Cartoons, Not Star Wars & Marvel. Even without those two IPs, they would have a lot of content for their streaming service. Lets be honest, Netflix is mad cause Disney made up most of their content and I'm pretty sure a lot of Disney fans got Netflix cause of it. Disney can't touch any of the Marvel Netflix characters for 2 years plus Disney said they will not include any R-rated content. I think all the R-rated content might end up on HULU. Viki is. Boxasian & gooddrama isn't. You'll have to use your computer for those. Viki started off as an Asian drama site but has since added dramas, movies and shows from other countries. They are a legit site. boxasian & gooddrama is an Asian drama/movie site. I haven't watched any Chinese dramas. I got into Asian entertainment in 09' that includes music as well. I kinda lost interest around 15' plus most of the celebs I liked either disappeared for a while or had to do their 2 year military service. But I did manage to finish legend of the blue sea and watched Bromance last year. I'm waiting for lee min ho to get out of the military. A lot of the guys are getting younger & I feel weird watching anybody younger than 27 cause they look like babies. If you want to watch more dramas hit up Viki if you haven't already. Use boxasian & as a backup. View all replies >