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it's not about the powers. it's about the ideals. Sam embodies the same ideals as Capt. It's why Steve was chosen in the first place. I think Bucky might think he doesn't deserve the mantle due to what happened to him. He's still somewhat haunted. So we are going to ignore the many times whites folks have been vocal about excluding black folks from many things throughout the centuries... Really..... Since we are talking about MODERN day lets focus on ACADEMY AWARD WINNER, RIDLEY SCOTT and a little movie called GODS OF EGYPT. EGYPT....... A country that is located in the continent of AFRICA....... AFRICA...... the continent were the children of the sun live.....whom....are DARK SKINNED &/or have sun kissed skin. When asked why his leads are white with the exception of Chadwick.... he said... the studio wouldn't finance the movie if he didn't have any bankable stars. THIS MAN KNEW IT WAS WRONG!!!! but because he wanted to make this film.... he did it anyway. Shit like this, is why people like Robert Townsend, Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, Jordan Peele, & Issa Rae are creating their stories. Then when we complain, we're told to create our own stuff, when we do, we have comments like these. You can't exclude us and then get mad when the shoe is on the other foot. Kevin Smith did the same thing. He said he didn't see any stories that represent him so he create his own. He's been very vocal about this and I've never seen anybody come for him about his white leads. Its always about how his movies suck. See the genres you posted. That's what's missing, VARIETY!!!! No matter what was popular at the time, you always had other artist or genres poppin as well. Music was fine until 2008 and then it all went to hell. We have too many one hit wonders & gimmicks over staying their welcome. By the time I graduate HS, my taste in music started changing anyway. I got into smooth Jazz, lounge, house & chill. I started getting into K-pop around 2009 and then J-rock and never looked back. I pretty much stick to 80s, 90s & early 2000s. For some reason, Hollywood's wig game has been shitty. I've seen chicks around my neighborhood with better lace fronts. They need to start hiring some of these YouTube chicks to educate them on how to make wigs look more real. First of all Blade is not a superhero, He is an anti-hero. Secondly the movie was not marketed as a "superhero" movie. It was marketed as a horror movie. People forget this was still during the Buffy years so those whom never read a comic book, looked at Blade as being a Black vampire slayer if you will. There are men that prefer sex with men but like the emotional connection with a woman. This seems like the case for Freddie. David Bowie was also bi but his preference ended up being women. I think he just dabbled. At the time Rupert came out it was career suicide. Not so much now. It also depends on the actor cause Luke Evans & Matt Bomer are being cast in straight roles. Bruce was riding high off of the hit Moonlighting so he was hot at that time and then he did Die Hard. So I'm guessing the record company. I think its a mistake not including R-rated content. I mean they already have the Disney channels & Disney movies Pay per view channel for kids. The Streaming should be for everything. They will probably include original content. I do remember reading something about Lady & the Tramp. Not sure if its live action or a sequel. It was a time when a lot of actors thought they could sing too or was trying to. I'm not going to lie, Respect yourself is a bop tho. Both actors from Miami Vice had singles. The dude from American Werewolf in London had a single. Patrick Swayze had a song. Lets not forget Eddie Murphy. You'll be surprised how many actors released album &/or singles. It depends on the type of club and what you're going for. We are the same age and I'll only go to clubs that play house & lounge. It usually has an more mature crowd. I don't mess around anywhere there are youngins. View all replies >