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Great reply! I did not know that! Makes sense, but I do wish they had worked that in at some point. So here is my question on this: now that there are two delorians in the old west (the one Doc used to get there and the same one brought back by Marty), why not siphon the gas from one to the other? Patch up the hole in the tank or line and go! Haha, no, I mentioned it to my wife while we were watching the latest episode! Yes. I even commented on this last night! The TV show, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, was pretty good. Nothing else really worth watching. Could have been, but ending on the Final Chapter would have worked well. Otherwise, they would have needed a different ending to end it in this one. Still, love the film! Somehow I missed this thread originally, but this is hysterical! New title: No Time for Fans! No because, see, the stunt man actually read the script and said "I'll come back!" Agreed. I think 3 is totally underrated and would be viewed as an atmospheric classic had it not had the name Halloween associated with it! Believe it or not, try The Sandlot. Great soundtrack in that one. I second a bunch of the others mentioned too! Hilarious! I did not know! I admit I didn't do much research. Thanks for the heads up! I had heard that too, and I would totally take it as a second cut on BD if I had to! I typically don't buy BD over DVD yet, but I would for that! Concealed Carry License. It may not be a typical abbreviation. Agreed, though I liked the 4th. Also, if this one parodies remakes or reboots somehow, you could then add some of the elements I mentioned, such as changing things up. That would be the movie tie-in angle (ie: horror movies, sequels, trilogies, remakes, and now reboots). Also, for gosh sake, make Dewey do something smart and competent for a damn change! My hopes: - One of the killers is from Scream 3. Bear with me: every other movie had 2 killers. Roman (I think it was Roman) worked alone, yet gets as beat up as the others without showing a mark. It doesn't make much senses. So add that Roman didn't actually work alone and tie this movie to the rest in that way. Roman can still be the director and all, new killer was the lackey to Roman, but now is in charge with his own lackey. - 3 killers at least. Surprise the audience by revealing the two, then third comes out of nowhere! Remember that sequels have to be bigger and badder! - Sidney, if not Gale and Dewey as well, have CCL and are really hard to kill. Killer has to work around them. Make Sid just go after the killer on occasion and the killer actually has to run off (anyone who doesn't carry a weapon at all times after being attacked by serial killers 4 different times is an idiot!). - Bring back the song Red Right Hand from the first 3 movies! - Finally, killer doesn't need to be identical to the others. Different weapons can now be used, outfit can change a bit (same mask, different costume). Killer actually learned from the others and is a tough bastard. The moral is that Johnny did not hit her! He did NAHT! No problem, but looks I was technically wrong. There is such a thing as a double-trigger shotgun, which actually has two triggers, one for each barrel, but apparently when there is only a single trigger, only one barrel can fire at a time. My mistake! I was just coming here to ask about that. I read the book and do NOT remember US soldiers charging in on horseback, but that does not mean it didn't happen in the book somewhere. Actually, many parts of the movie were really well done when compared to the book, up until the last 20 minutes, if memory serves. If anyone remembers better than me, please let me know!