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I definitely agree that the movie could have been trimmed, but other parts could have been given more time to create a better story. It did feel a bit like the writers couldn't decide on anything so they tried to throw it all in. Unfortunately they didn't have someone there to say no once in a while! I can see that, though I don't think I would agree to split the film into 2. I think we needed to end it where we did, and thematically it did make some sense. But I agree that there were things they could have done to help the film along. Also, they could have just made Talia a partner for Bane instead of his superior, and that would have helped a good bit. I love your idea of improving the bat swarm gadget, and frankly you are right, bringing the bat signal back would have probably been better and would have made more sense than starting a fire. I like that better too! I actually finished watching the movie today and I really think it was quite good and had some great moments and points, but it also feels a bit like the writers were really rushed in a few points and could have had even better ideas if they had thought a few more things through. So to explain my number 2. The whole ending made Bane, who was larger than life in this film, both literally and metaphorically, seem suddenly weak. Talia's reveal should definitely not have been done that way. Plus, Batman technically defeated Bane, but really it was Catwoman who put him down for good, and I just didn't like that. Take her out of that fight and give her something else to do. For yours: 1. Agree and forgot about that! 2. I'm fine without this as we got some and it took a long time to get back to Batman and the Bat-suit as it was. 3. While I really like the stock exchange heist scene as a movie scene, I agree that they should have tweaked that to make it believable. 4. I'm fine with this. Batman is a symbol as well as a fighter, and this movie did help show that a bit. 5. Agree in part, but it makes sense that the gov't doesn't want to go into the city (remember they tried) for fear of the bomb going off early. As for my number 4, the reason I would want to see the bat swarm gadget back is that it would definitely tie things into the first film and if Bane is born from darkness and silence, Bats has modified that to bring fear and something new to it which could throw Bane off just enough to give Bats the edge. That's why I want that specifically. Rock on dude! Here is my question: who were some of the others who joined but were not part of the original film? I recognize Kutcher so far, but not sure about some of the others. If they mention names later, I'm not there yet so I'll find out, but still pretty cool! I'm having fun with the read despite the limitations to it. Also graduated in 03! While I had a car later on in high school, I went to private school so I didn't go cruising around my home town. Plus, in suburban Chicago, there was less of that, but more gatherings at different locations. This is not claimed anywhere in his book. It was apparently claimed in some interview, yet reports do not corroborate this as he should have been overseas, based on his deployment history, at the time he says he was there. While I agree with some of this, the ball torture was in the original Casino Royale book, I believe, so that is not part of the rest of this argument. Great reply! I did not know that! Makes sense, but I do wish they had worked that in at some point. View all replies >