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If Anyone Has Read... New Blu-Ray B-Wings Saw this last weekend... Bullshit Dude! New Blu-Ray Cobra TV Show Extended Cut? Looks Amazing! Ending Makes No Sense! View all posts >


Could have been, but ending on the Final Chapter would have worked well. Otherwise, they would have needed a different ending to end it in this one. Still, love the film! Somehow I missed this thread originally, but this is hysterical! New title: No Time for Fans! No because, see, the stunt man actually read the script and said "I'll come back!" Agreed. I think 3 is totally underrated and would be viewed as an atmospheric classic had it not had the name Halloween associated with it! Believe it or not, try The Sandlot. Great soundtrack in that one. I second a bunch of the others mentioned too! Hilarious! I did not know! I admit I didn't do much research. Thanks for the heads up! I had heard that too, and I would totally take it as a second cut on BD if I had to! I typically don't buy BD over DVD yet, but I would for that! Concealed Carry License. It may not be a typical abbreviation. View all replies >