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Tough question really, but for now, I would say World's End by a hair. Every time I see it I like it more and the dialogue is great. Plus, like you said, some great moments but also some low ones. Well put! Those writers were idiots. Leadership like hers can lead to mutiny! I thought that was her! Yeah, in this, she is ridiculous, but at least in the Last Ship, if I remember correctly, they had a more believable back story for her than a SEAL Lt. Cmdr. and she played the Last Ship role fine and believable for the most part (if memory serves). This part made no sense. See there's two grounds to every force! I agree completely with this and say it a lot! She just looks creepy so often! Agreed, I totally enjoyed it even if it wasn't that great of a movie. But, for me, often times fun is better than good, and this was definitely fun! These days, Disney and anyone else think everything is offensive. I just ignore that stuff! Fun to rewatch this! Thoroughly enjoying it! We would have gotten along as kids. I think I watched it daily for quite some time. It was taped off of TV so there were a few cartoons with it, but back in the mid 80s I wore that tape out! Found it on DVD 10+ years ago and am watching it now for the second time on DVD. Best part is I still remember a lot of the film considering I've seen it once in 25 years at most! Agreed with the topic of your post. I basically hated the movie the first time I saw it until the SEALs showed up. Bored outta my skull. But, a year or two later, I gave it another shot. Loved it the second time! My expectations were re-aligned that time (as in, what I expected to see, not my hopes for the film) and I was able to better understand the pace and actual intensity of the film, while still enjoying the SEALs scenes (and the familiar faces of some of the SEALs and other actors). So I definitely am a fan of Hurt Locker because I think that the movie is crafted very well with tons of suspense... as long as you have never been in the service (I have not, but I have a few buddies who have). 1. Uniforms were screwed up and actually the digital camo they were may not have been in circulation in 04. 2. Falcon (from the Avengers movies) punches out Hawkeye. Hawkeye outranks him. Would not happen. 3. EOD operates in tandem with a squad or other size unit. The infantry unit clears the area of combatants, then EOD goes in. 4. EOD does NOT clear buildings. Hell, they don't clear dark alleys at night either. 5. EOD does NOT take over sniper watch and typically are not trained snipers, as that is a different military specialty (one of those vet buddies of mine was an army sniper who worked with the Barrett .50 as shown in the movie). 6. No one, EOD or otherwise, would go outside the wire by themselves on a revenge mission EVER. Now, there are likely exceptions to this such as CIA or some type of special forces personnel who may operate alone, but it is RARE and certainly not an EOD guy. 7. Any EOD guy operating the way the main character does would be kicked out immediately. 8. If possible, EOD NEVER puts on the suit. They will do anything else first. I read the book by the guy who consulted on the movie and I don't remember him ever putting the suit on. He used the robot from the beginning, which has specialized tools including the water disruptor, to disarm the charges. But he also operated in a team where the cowboy stuff depicted in the film would never work. 9. Don't pull the daisy chain wire! (Yes this was an amazing visual - like I said, as a film, this works well, but as a depiction of real life, it is basically shit.) View all replies >