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I've been off the grid for two days, What Is "miracle whip is salad?" Strange Brew, The Funniest Movie Ever? Wouldn't TheShogunofYonkers make a better New York Ranger? Phil Hartman appreciation thread I want to give someone the Aunt Jemima treatment! Who was hotter, Bailey or Jennifer? Two and three hit wonders? I am Zealous! Who's your favorite lil' rascal? What the hell is the matter with alpha bananas in daisy dukes these days?!? Just to be clear, Chuck Norris action jeans were a thing! Stay gold Ponyboy👍 Let's play the croft sing along game! Oh superman where are you now? Croft Norris:action shorts! We need to make this happen! Chuck Norris underoos😉 Who wears short shorts? Chuck norris, that's who😱 Would you rather be heartless, or gutless? Oddball friendships Coolwhip or reddiwhip topping?