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I've been off the grid for two days, What Is "miracle whip is salad?" Strange Brew, The Funniest Movie Ever? Wouldn't TheShogunofYonkers make a better New York Ranger? Phil Hartman appreciation thread I want to give someone the Aunt Jemima treatment! Who was hotter, Bailey or Jennifer? Two and three hit wonders? I am Zealous! Who's your favorite lil' rascal? What the hell is the matter with alpha bananas in daisy dukes these days?!? View all posts >


She's coo coo for cocoa puffs It's bona fide😉👍 That is pretty smart,cookie😜 One prostitute that is willing to steal his viginity?😂 Was not around for it. But it has something to do with something Feet is working on. He ain't talking😉 Dewey wins! You wouldn't fib to the Doctor would you? [url][/url] Don't straight face me pops. Gimme the smiles! Cause holding it in gives you the piles😮 View all replies >