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Except that Kubrick's filmography is far more consistent in the quality department. Nolan has only two "great" films on his belt, Memento and Dunkirk. Inception has interesting ideas. The rest of his films are empty nonsense. In the article I read it said it's going to be a prequel about the old Chinese shopkeeper as a young boy, so none of the original cast will be in it. I guess. Been binge watching the series for the first time in years, and I agree there's no dip in quality. It's notably different in the humor department, but to me it's just as funny and bonkers as the John K episodes. Some of my all time favorites are from season 4. I watched it not long ago on youtube. Has it's moments but overall it's very rushed and simplistic, and misses Arthur Schnitzler's tones and "beats." Eyes Wide Shut, on the other hand, is far better. Positives: As a film about fidelity and the importance of communication in marriage, it's poignant. The dream theme is imaginative and the dream images are well executed. The look at sexual perversion is well done. It's observations on wealth and male hiararchies is well done. It's "contemporary fairytale" narrative and tone is quite original. The soundtrack is excellent. Sometimes haunting. The lighting and cinematography is often stunning i.e. the Mansion sequence in particular. There's a few dry, funny moments. Cons: The Dialogue is hit and miss... Some of it is downright dull and mechanical. It's pacing is messy. It drags in some spots. I'd rank it beside Full Metal Jacket and Lolita on my list. Far from a bad film. It's much better than most erotic thriller/dramas, just not a masterpiece like 2001, Strangelove or A Clockwork Orange. I sometimes watch it at Christmas. The christmas lights everywhere are gorgeously photographed, and it has a sublime soundtrack. Lots of atmosphere and tone. The script for Critters was written before Gremlins. So how is it not original. I wouldn't say Halloran appears out of nowhere in the Theatrical version. I recall the scene where he's lying on his bed in a trance feeling Danny's fear, before it transitions to Jack Nicholson entering room 237. After Jack's encounter with the old woman in the tub, we then see Holloran trying to phone the Overlook. I agree with you though. There's good elements in both versions which one has that the other doesn't have and vice versa. The jump cut from Danny's vision in the bathroom of the blood pouring from the elevator - to the mountains - is indeed powerful and one of my all time favorite film edits. Personally, I would have placed the scene with the child psychologist before the transition to Wendy's phone call with Jack telling her that he got the job. It's a unique thing for a Kubrick film as he was so meticulous about perfecting a final cut. I don't think any of his other films have alternative cuts? At least not as drastic. However, his producer and brother-in-law Jan Harlan has mentioned that The Shining was considered by Kubrick to be his "least personal production" and purely an entertainment piece. So I guess making two cuts wasn't as big of a deal to him. Critters is an 80s nostalgia/ cult flick. Gremlins is more of a cult "classic." View all replies >