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I'm tired of this show getting a free pass That's a great picture Perry is too personally involved in his cases I hate this movie One of the greatest stupid movies of all time Sonny Corinthos Spilling the juice that was orange He was alright Hey moviechat moderators/site operator! Question for you I tried to like it View all posts >


Sounds to me like you wasted 46 minutes. The extra one minute was you making the conscious decision to waste the other 45. Parts of it, sure. But it was a cut n paste job. Private industry making it happen It seems like the vast majority of them are from the last 25 years. Almost as if they ran out of movie titles. Antique furniture and the color red Are you kidding? It will live on through CBS All Access and also Netflix and other streaming channels. But I will argue that it will never have the cultural impact that the original series had. They keep going back to the well on that one, especially if it involves the character of Spock. Most people can't name Geordi La Forge, Data or Lieutenant Worf, but Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Uhura, Scotty, and McCoy are still remembered by even casual fans. I do admit that I enjoy watching it, but it just makes me mad how it got so critically acclaimed undeservedly. For sure. There is an episode of Magnum called "Raiders of The Lost Art" that pokes a little fun at the situation. Nope. Those are the official lyrics. Here's the video: View all replies >