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Well, maybe he was. Maybe he never really gave up on Diane and kept frequenting even after she moved, in the hopes that somehow she would come back and it could happen. His thing with Lillith was doomed all along anyways. I don't think Cliff ever really "thrived" except for his fifteen minutes of fame on Jeopardy... and even that went badly for him. Yeah it was strange how Frasier had no time to be hanging around in bars during the run of his series. Road House 2: Last Call had a certain panache to it that the original was lacking. The script and acting both showed tremendous gravitas, presenting an idea to cinematic audiences that the solitary life of a bar cooler could be portrayed with the same level of dignity as that of a doctor or lawyer. It reminded me of why I love good cinema and left me with an unquenched thirst for more. You could make the argument that Ed McMahon's death was overshadowed by both of theirs. No man knows the answer to such questions. Something with him being left alone at a train station and then meeting up with a fake priest and an encounter with a woman who runs a bookstore. It was a long time ago and I should give it another chance. I'm abrominably addicted I still drink a couple every week. I had the bright idea about ten years ago to go back to vinyl. I regret it because the boxes are so heavy. View all replies >