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Brian McGonigle is not a pedophile. Oil filled radiators will not ignite things next to them. Card counting could not be made illegal because it would be impossible to prove. If I am on the jury at Bud's trial. Self defense. Thug Mr. Orange's Gilbert Gottfried impression The Dual Toby is one lazy man. View all posts >


FACT: He was framed. Prove me wrong. PROVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, but I have fantasized about killing armed robbers. I get a great feeling of joy when I hear about armed robbers being killed by their victims. It is now on the Roku channel for those that have a Roku. FACT: No knowing what prime numbers are is ignorance not stupidity. Prove me wrong. FACT: She is not morbidly obese. Prove me wrong. FACT: It is impossible by definition to want to get raped. Prove me wrong. This is another post by someone who does not know the definition of racism accusing people of being racist. FACT: There is no pedophilia in the movie as Lolita has already went through puberty. Prove me wrong. FACT: The Cristeros never killed any teachers. Prove me wrong. View all replies >