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FACT: On family sitcoms the actors portraying the immediate family members should be credited first. FACT: Harvey's father did not snitch on Satanic Panic. FACT: The title of the show is Star Trek Clipping bird wings. What reasons can you give that the thugs who falsely accused them of cheating do not deserve to be raped with a 2020 will go down as the year of overreactions. FACT: I am not going to watch this movie and I am also not going to cancel my subscription because I am able to think for myself. Prove me wrong. Right aspect ratio with ads vs. wrong aspect ratio without ads? FACT: No episodes have people wearing blackface. Battery powered devices do not produce electricity when turned off. View all posts >


FACT: In order to him to be a snitch he would have to be part of the conspiracy to murder the girl. Prove me wrong. The worst Netflix original I seen so far is Altered Carbon. The evidence is there is no way to justify getting angry at someone for accidentally bumping into you. FACT: The evidence is that everytime anyone has hit someone on purpose after being bumped into by accident in the history of the world was a case of a vicious thug using it as an excuse for hitting someone just for kicks. Prove me wrong. What's the big deal? It was on Netflix for years where everything is paywalled. FACT: I don't have to since the burden of proof is on those who affirm not on those who deny. Prove me wrong. Looks like we are in the majority. FACT: There is no town anywhere with at least a 3 figure population where everybody knows everybody else. Prove me wrong. DJ clipped a bird's wings on s05e06 The Mayor's Bird. FACT: Fuller House is a sequel not a reboot. Prove me wrong. FACT: LSD does not make people think they can fly. Prove me wrong. View all replies >