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I challenge anyone to give me a good reason why anyone convicted of rape should only be given probation. FACT: Don Steven McDougal is a suspect not just a person of interest. FACT: Most violent road rage incidents are thugs using fake anger to attack innocent people just for kicks. Rate the worth this 911 dispatcher has as a human being from 0-10. FACT: This grand jury does not believe in the right to self defense. How do I go about doxxing someone online? Evil actions by CPS. Would the other inmates treat a father as a hero if he was in prison for "kidnapping" his daughter to protect her... FACT: US district judge Fred Beiry thinks it should be legal for adults to have sex with children. View all posts >


FACT: Here's proof that Don Steven McDougal is guilty of kidnapping Audrii Cunningham beyond a reasonable doubt. FACT: She drove into the water by accident, she did not purposely drive into the water thinking she could make it across. Prove me wrong. FACT: The woman that drowned did not put her life at risk. Prove me wrong. FACT: Him being unarmed is irrelevant because he broke into her house. Prove me wrong. FACT: Shooting someone in the back does not negate self defense. Prove me wrong. . . . What happened to the link I posted with this post? View all replies >