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FACT: Overpopulation is a myth. FACT: Jimmy Kimmel has never worn blackface. FACT: No one wore blackface in this movie. FACT: Her having sexual relations with JFK is pure speculation. FACT: This is a case of involuntary servitude not discrimination. Here's proof that the gun control advocates ultimate goal is to have all guns banned in the US. I challenge anyone to give me a logical reason why this site won't let me read... FACT: The human penis looks nothing like an eggplant. FACT: The thugs wearing black with the face shields all worship Satan. FACT: Manuel Teran was a Watermelon brainwashed thug who got what he deserved. View all posts >


It is obvious to those of us with common sense that the cops beat him to death just for kicks. I'll believe it when I see evidence. FACT: A white person darkening their face for the purpose of camouflage is not blackface. Prove me wrong. . . FACT: Cultural appropriation does not exist. Prove me wrong. . I challenge you to show any posts here where someone says they are sexually attracted to prepubescent children. I present to you the cold hard facts. He is a national hero in Romania. View all replies >