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Reminds me slightly of Emma Stone in The Queen's Gambit A Tad Deceptive! Excellent show with some trippy elements and a dash of nightmare fuel Interesting Remake Mostly good with some annoying aspects (MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS)! Entertaining yet very uncomfortable to watch Kind of like Suspiria but with classical music instead of dancing Excellent Show It was an excellent movie. But...... She bears an uncanny resemblance to Katherine Langford View all posts >


I was quite disappointed when I realised that the show wasn't being renewed for a second season as they left it on a cliffhanger. Given the lack of hits on the official Twitter page, I'm not too surprised. It went the way of the aforementioned show The Returned. However, that wasn't renewed because the source material (a french show called Les Revenants) had ended abruptly. The Innocents was a very underrated show. But alas, it probably failed to gain traction as it was in a sea of other similar shows. It was a good and emotional drama in spite of the pop culture references and cliches throughout. The acting was superb. I would recommend it. Thanks. Yeah, I do have a lot of respect for Mark Hamill with the amount of iconic characters he has played. Sufficed to say, Kaslan (the IT/AI company) is to Childs Play as TCKR/Smartelligence (the IT/AI company) is to Black Mirror. Thought so when watching the Childs Play remake. However, he could be considered a discount Jack Black. Mind you, his role in that movie was incredibly creepy. I think it is. Give it a try! Enjoy! View all replies >