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It was just a simple example that came through my mind after 5 seconds of thinking to show my point. The movie didn't do so bad. If we Simply stick to "La Haine" it clearly rocked the box office (2 millions entries for a 2 millions budget, only in France). Furthermore, "hate" wasn't just a part of the title, it was the whole title. Hmm these Numbers seem flawed, it was a pretty big hit in 1995 and won several Awards including best picture in France, equivalent of the Oscar for best motion picture. Here they say there was 2 millions people who went to see the movie, and only for France Anyway, it was just an example that came into my mind to show that I Don't Believe the word "hate" in a movie title would prevent to score at the box office. Just saw The Hate U Give yesterday : which seemed to have a decent box office. I agree her interaction with Hailey was over the top and especially her quarrel with her. Hailey was trying to make peace and Star still got her super attitude and then assaulted her because Hailey didn't see the incident the same way she did. It's not like she said all black people should be shooted. Not to say it was right after her uncle just told her that even him had biases. However, the boyfriend seemed fine to me. I mean, I Don't care physically but it seemed to be the smarter of the gang on that endless ridiculous race fight. Don't remember he said he's coloured on the Inside but rather Something like "I can see your color Inside" which followed Star's absurd speech. And yeah, Kamil might be super nice, but you just Don't act like this when a nervous cop stops you. Did not make much sense to see him act like he was completely oblivious of how cops could be. He was acting like he did not know his own neighbourhood. Well the movie "Hate" was pretty popular not so long ago I think he was referring to west world. Obviously, women are not treated equally nor better all around the world. That's an interesting theory, I've never saw it that way Lots of people tend to bow down when they are being patronized by so-called moral guardians. But some people Don't and react the other way by multiplying the allegedly unacceptable behavior. Tarantino just reacted the second way. The "n" word can be used for many legitimate Reasons in a movie and reacting like kitties evertyime we hear it is Simply excessive. That was my guess too, though its shot so close its only suggesting it. However, I'm surprised she didn't react much more brutally to such an assault. I agree with you about the style but the content was poor so I didn't really enjoy the movie, plus it was unnecessary long. Same for me. Except for the captains and Goodsir, was really hard to understand anything without subtitles View all replies >