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All I see is a president who couldn't accept to lose and asked his supporters to contest the result near the capitol to pressure the government. You might disagree with that but there is nothing close to something illegal. You have the right to protest peacefully. Yes the demonstration got out of control like it sometimes happens but Trump is not responsible for that, come on he didn't tell anyone to force their way inside. And people are calling that an "insurrection" !? You had random unarmed people who rushed in with no plan and wandered around. Millions years away from an insurrection to take over control of the country. What you can see though is politicians capitalizing on the fact the country is now traumatized. On one side, the Democrats who hates Trump are just trying to give him the final blow. I mean, not only the impeachment is groundless imo but the guy is about to quit in one week ... And the republicans who never liked Trump too much now more or less just don't care too much about what can happen to Trump since he's out in a few days. The fact she's Japanese doesn't make her the most beautiful Well I found it to be a good show and the actors were all decents but it definetly seemed a diversity thing. It's very obvious to me that any novel written or cultural production created before 1970-1980 was done with what I could called a "default ethnicity". If it's a French novel, all the characters were obviously white because almost everyone was white at the time in France. When the character is non white, it was specified. It's like saying it wasn't specified it was a french person so it could be an English or an Italian person. Of course not, it was a french person by default and it was specified if it was not. So it seems to make more sense to cast people of the right color in historical productions. Of course, it's not always possible so you got to use talents around you. I mean if you're in Japan and you want to make a shakespeare adaptation, well you will use japanese people cause that's what mostly there. It's less authentic but well it is what it is. I don't know in England today if there is that many black people but there sure seems to be still a lot of white people so they should focus on white people for such an adaptation. But, sure, people of other ethnicities have the right to work too. It's just for historical productions like this, I feel it's less authentic. It seemed to me a diversity agenda from the productions. I mean, nothing prevent them to put a lot of different ethnicities in a new production/creation. Another reason making me very annoyed by such a casting choice is would that be the contrary, I feel like people defending a black Javer would go hysterical. What I mean is if we were doing a movie on let's say a zulu tribe or on Saladin, I don't think the same people would appreciate to see white actors playing ethnic characters. In fact, we can actually see that kind of people saying it's "racist" and it's "white washing". So for me it has to be one way or another but not both. Anyway, Javer obviously wasn't a black character nor an English person speaking English in French countryside so I took it that way : a white Frenchman Javer speaking french was played by a black Englishman speaking English. At the end of the day, it's ok, it's a movie, an actor tries to play a role. Funny post He's a natural born killer after all I can't think of any european country I wouldn't prefer to be poor instead of being poor in United-States, not to say I'd rather be middle class anywhere in Europe instead of being poor in United-States. I'm really curious why you're thinking it's so great to be poor in United-States. I was pretty suprised too he went to prison because it wasn't really specified why he went except way later in the movie when the cop suggested it briefly. I think the reason it felt so unreal is probably because the movie absolutely doesn't show him drunk at all at any moment. Yes he drinks a bit at the bar but he seems under total control especially when he interrupts the tough meeting Dafoe had and was ice cooled when confronting Woody Harrelson. Then he takes what we can assume to be a last "hard" drink before taking his car but even then he doesn't seem to drive under the influence of alcohol. He didn't seem to speed and the accident seemed like ... an accident. Night, pulling back a car from the rear dow a hill (seems really stupid by the way), on such a road, everything was there to cause an accident, drunken or not. Also, his reaction after the hit : far from someone who was drunk : trying to assist instead of leaving, seemed to be fully sober, calling for help. Honestly, I never thought he was drunk. I thought it was a trap set by Harrelson ! I read your post carefully and here are my comments : I don't know where you saw he became drunk when talking with Dafoe. i didn't see that at all. Yes he had a drink but he seemed to keep his cool perfectly. After reviewing the movie, yes he seemed to drive a little in the middle but it seemed more because of the night than because he was drunk. Also, I was not under the impression he was speeding, or if so, not recklessly. Don't know where you saw the car stopping and all that stuff. Maybe the version of my movie was cut or something. However, I really liked your final paragraph your analysis of what the accident meant. Really interesting. Not sure Noah could have saved the girl and Ham barely knew her for an hour. Yeah, that's what I thought. It's a different style of movie. Goodfellas is more entertaining and close to movies we are used today. But The Godfather is more powerful imo. 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