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Harrasment can be very subjective, and particularly these days. That being said, equality and rapes are not related to equality in my opinion. You might be equal, does not mean you won't be harrassed or raped. It has Nothing to do with it, its a different social problem. Also, men are also being harrassed/raped, both by women and men. 1. Insulting others shows the lack of confidence in your argumentation but I will take the time to answer you anyway; 2. It is very clear that there is a tendency at Hollywood these last years to favore minorities. You Don't have to have a Superior mind. It is patent if you think about it a few seconds. 3. The fact "white guys have Always gotten most of the accolades award-wise anyway" is not a proper argument in my opinion. You Don't correct an "injustice" by inversing it and repeating it. I was very skeptical about that list. When I saw that Greenbook was part of it, I knew how wrong it was. People have to stop analysing movies based on races. For the justice system its pretty much the same thing. And for me, well I have to rely on Something. Well it's a picture, and movies are made of pictures, so let's have some fun : 1. Trudeau seems much more attractive and fun with his costume than normally; 2. Trudeau might be committing a sexual agression on that cute girl; 3. Might even be statutory rape considering the girl he is grabing might be a student; 4. Trudeau is not racist because of blackfaced but because he is perpetuating biases against arab people (sexual harrassment); 4. If Trudeau is racist, I guess all the ladies are also considering they have so much fun with while he's being so allegedly racist just next to them. I Don't like Trudeau but I would like a real argument explaining why coloring himself would be "racist" in any way. Coloring yourself green to look like a martian is not racist so any other color should not either as long as you do it respectfully. Spare me the hysteria and give one solid argument. If that's possible. Yeah, interesting twist There was supposed to be a Reason for the black daughter but couldn't tough the show until there I need to admit apart the genitals showed for no apparent reason, I enjoy the show I need to admit it would make more sense to understand why Upham didn't stop the German who was Killing Mellish if that was Steamboat Willie. View all replies >