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It's interesting to see a comment about color but honestly, I didn't have a problem with the color in this movie. I thought it was representative of the whole atmosphere they wanted to show. I think the color didn't change because the life of Theo didn't change : he was still sad and unhappy. I'm not sure to understand your comment about the Editing. You think they should have done it more often ? If so pretty sure the Spectator would be lost. It's not artsy movie, they Don't do that kind of stuff usually, or not much. Besides, I'm not sure why it would help to do it more often. Quite the contrary, I was happy to see it wasn't just a straight up story. Concerning the score, well i admit I Don't recall much about it but i Don't think it's a movie about score. It doesn't fit the subject too much either. Well personally I did enjoy the movie. But yeah, it's a slow movie but it is what it is. It looks more like an independant despite Nicole Kidman. I found it intriguing and still many surprises (he stole the painting, his friend stole it from him, her soon to become wife is with him just for the sake for her mother). the only thing I didn't like too much was the fast forward cowboy ending out of nowhere. Basically it is to strongly suggested she's alive and now put his Energy into the cuban revolution. It's an interesting analysis but here is few points i would like to comment : First of all, racism and bias are not the same thing. Clearly, if Sal was a racist, he would certainly not be established in a black neighbourhood and have direct contact with his clientele and be that friendly. So for me Sal might be biased but he's not racist at all at least not according to the movie. Also, I do not agree that the cyclist represents the "white privilege". To start, I Don't condone that "white privilege" theory but at all events that cyclist is, quite the contrary, far from being privilieged compared to any other ones. To start, if he was "privilege", he would live there. Anyway, for me, this cyclist is the only reasonable person of the movie and he stands above that meaningless and endless race fight. He's white but he does not care to live in a tough neighbourhood. He's bullied by black for being white but he does not want to enter the racial fight ( contrary to Sal for example). He's the person everyone should be : having no biases and stoping with these racial prides. I didn't feel her scènes were more filler than the other seasons. I also enjoyed her story though despite the others are more riveting. Why because he had consensual sex with someone who was a little bit Younger than prudish american standards? He didn't rape her or had sex with a baby. I Don't know for you but at 13 i knew what I wanted with whom I wanted it. But ok, it was "illegal". Now he didn't kill or rape anyone and it has been more than 40 years ago. The problem is the metoo revisionism. And Weinstein … well I'm not very impressed by the first trial with the hystercial environment of Metoo. Let's see in appeal. With the burden of proof and the very weak testimonies of the girls, it's a shame he was convicted. Did he use his situation of power to get sex ? Probably. Unfortunately for these girls it's not a crime. I thought the board was brave to resist pc and ultra-feminists. It's weird they suddenly resign since it wasn't very difficult to predict what was going to happen. Anyway, the article said the members of the Academy vote so the board isn't directly involved and a majority of the members voted for Polansky and against that new witches hunt. That actress is hypocrite and just wanted to make a show. If she was really that disgusted by Polansky she wouldn't have gone to the ceremony who had nominated Polansky and his movie in around 10 categories. I mean, what a surprise he won one prize out of 10 ! Totally agree, and the music helped a lot too. I had the same impression at first, probably because we saw him in too much in gangster's movies. But now I think he was just good. Don't remember he disappeared. View all replies >