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I dont like comedies and I was pleased to see that it wasn't really a comedy despite the description, except for a few scènes in the beginning. To me they were more the victims of their environnment. Don't forget the movie put the emphasis on the fact that their mother commited suicide or at least died next to them when they were little girls. It's kind of messing you up and so they made poor social choices after and got locked up: 1. Amy Adams getting pregnant and trapped in a no future relation chasing for love; 2. Emily Blunt, having sex for no apparent Reason (not even pleasure) and being erratic; 3. The father acting weird; Nonetheless, they were still trying to go up socially. Don't know what hard work is for you but cleaning is no easy job and they even tried to start their own business. Plus it's not super easy when your a single mother. The movie was interesting because it was showing some kind of message like "you can't escape your social conditions". That was before the happy ending of course. I would go with classic sex. Homo sex probably would not work just like a blowjob or any other sexual fantasy. She did say it but maybe she lied just to make him feel bad. She didn't seem the type to stay home educating her childs. It's not super hard to find a real job and pay the rent. As for collecting the rent, probably not Worth the price for a landlord to get some sexual favors once a month instead of a monthly rent. Probably more of a power trip or Something. I really like many of your changes/suggestions. S8 handled it poorly but I think Dany going nuts, killing innocents and then being killed by John is a great ending (probably GRR's idea). However, I really like your idea to keep the two dragons for King's landing attack. One fatal flaw from S8 was that Dany said she would spare the city if she hears surrendering bells yet she hears them and for no apparent good Reason or even explanation she burns everything and everyone nonetheless. Total nonsense. It would have made sense however if Something bad happened during the battle, Something to modify her promise to Tyrion. One of her dragon dying during King's landing battle would definitely have been a perfect justification for her to go nuts and burning all down. Few points: 1. Dont really see how Jaime could be a match for the night king with his golden hand. 2. Arya goes west to escape the faceless god, brilliant. Was so cheesy she went west to "explore". Made no sense. 3. I dont think Sansa being queen make sense though. In fact, she shouldn't even have been queen of the north. She just doesn't deserve that. Let's not forget we are in a sort of medieval times. It's a little bit too much suspending disbelief that a girl and an almost child be named queen of Westeros just like that. The best I recall, she did Nothing significant. She had been a puppet until John defeated Ramsay and then she pretented to be someone. It's not like Dany with her dragons who conquered hald the known world. I think you would be surprised. I also thought I knew and listened it nonetheless since it's not a prerequisite imo. Didn't end like I thouht at all and the ending was actually very good though a little bit ideological. Before 1960 yeah but in 1980's they probably would not shoot them for refusing to work. However, the confrontation was escalating and the miners were suggesting they would assault the minister/guards and that even if they shot, they would be short of bullets and the remaining miners would kill the minister/guards. It's clearly a threat to kill which, even with no actual physical violence, would end with a trial, even in the west. I Don't think death penalty was an option in USSR for such an offense at that time though. However, retaliations can take many forms, not necessarily death penalty. They would be most likely sent to labor or reeducation camps, simply lose their jobs and be prevented to find any good ones, be harassed, etc. All of that could happened not only to them but to their families. It could be very hard there if you didn't follow the state line. I liked the character but I think the scene with the two armed soldiers wasn't very realistic; 1. The guy didn't look like a minister of anything but rather a teenager who put a suit for his prom night; 2. He had zero assurance; 3. He would have had more then two guards if he was expecting confrontation or none at all if he did not expect it; 4. I doubt he would have confronted the miners in the open but rather talk to the head miners alone; 5. Maybe they are proud and Don't care for a bullet, but it's soviet union, they know there would be retaliations on their families if they threaten a minister. A little cartoonish but probably intended in an otherwise very serious and tough serie. After Lebasov's speech, it was very clear they would die and suffer. I Wonder why they didn't kill them before to avoid suffering. I think it's that difficult because it's not like your shooting an animal who is agressive or tries to escape. He comes to you because he trusts you and you shoot it. Very tough. View all replies >