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What's happened to showbox? 😿 😶 Bet it was controversial when it came out Car question ... I loved it What did the boyfriend mean ? Better than I expected Powerful Where are from ? And .... Medical bills in the USA 😿 View all posts >


It's years since I last saw it. I remember the first time I watched it and loving the twist at the end with the wife in the iron maiden. And vincent price hamming it up of course. I've just watched this, never heard of it but I liked it. All the hate must be from 00s horror fans who expect shock scares around every corner. Not that there's anything wrong with that, just realise there are lots of sub genres of horror. Gothic tales being one of them. My favourite gothic story is the pit and the pendulum. Folks are stupid 😒 only report stuff that is obviously offensive and not because someone disagreed with your Christmas Jumper! Happy new year✌😘😘😘 No way !! Dan aykroyd was in the temple of doom?!!!!!!!!! I've seen this film so many times and I never knew that😲 who was he? (Also, Alexi sale in the last crusade For all the old brits here) Excellent reply. I live just outside Birmingham in a multi cultural community and everyone just gets on with their lives with respect for others. I don't know where these crazy stories come from. I know the attack is nothing to laugh about but there was a man who helped subdue the terrorist with a 5ft narwhal horn ! We won't go down without a fight✊ Thank you I hope they do fix it. On another note, it's just popped in my head I had a dream about you!! Or your name at least. Someone in my dream had hacked your photos and it was all of your wedding and you had a black wedding dress on. You looked very happy. How random 🤯. Must be my mind reminding me to check in here more often or something 🤷‍♀️✌ Ahhh that sounds plausible. Never thought of that. Thank you 😺 I completely agree. He is the reason I'm scared of clowns 🤡. Brilliant actor in general tbh. View all replies >