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Does IMDb have a better episode calendar than episodecalendar.com? Not at all what I expected Only thing that bothered me was that Potter didn't get his comeuppance This I'll watch Just saw this and I have questions, lots of them. Can anyone else view the 500 Days of Summer board Great movie with no ending His new studio for his podcast Is this the real deal? View all posts >


Yeah I doubt he'll be running for a 2nd term, he'll be in his 80s Katy Perry is the closest one to pulling it off Funny thing is that season 2 is where it starts to get REALLY good and season 3 is even better. I'm just about to start season 4 and I might put this in my top 5 shows. You HAVE TO just get through season 1. Season 1 really does suck. Thanx! Norbit She was the hottest too or skank He's been in 143 titles and I've only ever seen him in That 70s show. Wow Thing is the allegations are kind of suspicious. The women who accused him are 1 - his ex. and the other 2 are anonymous. Sooo... sounds like an angry ex getting back at a guy that made her mad, with her 2 other friends. View all replies >