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Channel 5 UK New breakfast show Bit slow Really wanted to like it. (Possible spoilers) The poor kid What happened He told a lie (500) Andy's Dad? Very unrealistic View all posts >


Some great films there. Would of loved to see some of those at the cinema especially best of the best and universal soldier. I was only 11 at the time☹ It does look a load of crap. I just looked it up it is Jason's brother in Sunday the 15th. Jack Voorhees. I believe ya 😉 You having us on 🤔 Agreed, I couldn't think of another bad movie I like as much as this 1 😂😂 Why Do you dislike Daniel so much anyway? That's a good point he should be embarrased for losing to him. Years later after people win events nobody cares how they won,the fact is his name is on the trophy twice, like it or not it is and it always will be. View all replies >