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This is a considered a comedy classic!? Do the bullies from his childhood get their comeuppances? Sorry, but this has to be said! (About the opening homophobic attack scene) I love movies about cloning! Will I like this? This is going to be like Halloween 2018 and Leprechaun Returns Got a question about a scene! Finally seeing this tomorrow, I really need to know one thing Sorry, but the 2017 one is way better Haven't seen it yet and I'm already pissed! (Angry Rant) This movie may have not been one of the best spoof films, but... So Bad It's Good type of sci-fi film? This sound too much like Jordan Peele's Us. Bottom 100!? WTF!? To be honest, I have more hopes in the TV series than this reboot How the series should begin It was a decent sequel, you're all just impossible to please! Fucking Negative Nancys!! Why are people so hard to please, anymore!? I'd love to see a remake