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This is a considered a comedy classic!? Do the bullies from his childhood get their comeuppances? Sorry, but this has to be said! (About the opening homophobic attack scene) I love movies about cloning! Will I like this? This is going to be like Halloween 2018 and Leprechaun Returns Got a question about a scene! Finally seeing this tomorrow, I really need to know one thing Sorry, but the 2017 one is way better Haven't seen it yet and I'm already pissed! (Angry Rant) This movie may have not been one of the best spoof films, but... View all posts >


It was okay, wasn't as bad as the others said it was. If John Cusack had been in it and reprised his role, it would've been a lot better and had gotten better reception. The plot was the main issue, instead of setting it 10 years into the future (2025, which is only 5 years from now), they should've set in the 1990s, since the first one was set in the 1980s. Like it begins in 2015, which is 5 years after the last film ended (from the present year of 2010, most of which took place in 1986) but they travel back to 1991, 5 years after the first film's events when someone disrupts the timeline, from visiting that year and they end up at a beach resort, instead of a ski resort; like from the first one. That right there would've really improved the plot and made the sequel a lot better. Then we could've had HTTM3 take place in the future, like in the year 2030 or something, which would've came out this year and thus the whole "10 years into the future" thing could've probably worked out better. Very doubtful even if HTTM2 was successful enough that HTTM3 would come out this year, during a pandemic, though. Maybe it would've came out in 2018, instead of waiting yet another 5 years to make a 3rd installment. Having HTTM2 go direct to video, instead of theaters is what really hurt the franchise and is the reason why HTTM3 was never made. I actually expected a much better sequel to HTTM. While the actual HTTM2 was "meh at best", it just felt like they were trying to pay homage to BTTF2 since the first one payed homage to the first BTTF, but only the first part of BTTF2 was set in the "then" future of 2015. The rest of BTTF2 was about returning to the events of 1955 since 1985 was changed into a nightmarish timeline, due to old Biff stealing a sports book and making his past teenage self richer, undoing most of the events from the first film that Marty had affected from 1955-1985. Too bad that could've been the plot to HTTM2, to some degree. Maybe the bully (Blaine) could've did something similar to Biff from BTTF2 and maybe murdered Lou. Both Biff and Blaine were bullies who served as the antagonists for both time travel films, only for both to be defeated by their bullied victims. Also, I forgot to mention that Rob Corddry (who played the bad guy in this) was Lou in HTTM and it's sequel. No, it's like Leprechaun Returns but none of the other sequels (2, 3, In Space, In Tha Hood, and Back 2 Tha Hood) were tied to the original 1993 film whatsoever. Returns is actually the first and only true sequel to the first Leprechaun film. The two Candyman sequels were actually connected to the first one, even the awful 3rd one was connected to the 2nd one and features the little girl from the end of second movie, all grown up. Funny how neither of those horror franchises are alike, other than both being slashers. One is a horror comedy and the other is pure horror with little to no dark comedy, whatsoever. The reason why the Leprechaun sequels, made from 1994-2003 had no connection to the first, was because it would show the Leprechaun still alive and within completely different scenarios, and none of the events from the previous films carried over. Like how the hell did the Leprechaun get from Las Vegas to outer space, between the 3rd and 4th films? Also, Tha Hood sequels say he was turned into stone, during the 1970s, where in the first three films (ignoring the 4th one) he was defeated back in the 1990s, three times by completely different survivors. Leprechaun Returns actually acknowledges the events of the first one and shows that the Leprechaun was defeated and thrown into a well and came back to life, 25 years later. The actor who played Francis from Pee-wee's Big Adventure played another manchild character in the first one and he reprises his role in Returns, only to be killed off when The Leprechaun comes out of his body (a la chest burst from Alien). Oh, still he has shit tastes in comedy if he thinks this is a bad film. This was actually a good sequel. Anchorman 2 or Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is what I would actually call a bad comedy sequel. He said "PROPAGANDA" at the bottom of his shitpost. What does that tell you? You goddamn SJWs need to get a fucking life! Stupid woke ass world! Thank God your sorry ass is probably no longer on the internet! I hope you were locked away in some asylum! What a heartless asshole you really are! I bet your daddy used to beat you, as a kid! Picking on some young adult; how fucking low of you, you inhuman piece of shit! My thoughts exactly! Still better than crap like Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, and Jack & Jill but still a rather poor comedy. The toxic masculinity and the bullying really ruins it and it's not funny at all. I did hear from my best friend that all the bullies get their comeuppances and reform, so that's great. I just hate how bullying is portrayed worse with males, than with females; despite what others may think, otherwise (hence the term "toxic masculinity") and why it's almost a thing of the past in today's PC society where everyone is called out for their sins and crimes. It's bad and why people call The Butterfly Effect a bad movie is fucking beyond me! Yes, I understand that's a sci-fi thriller and this is a dark comedy, but that is a more memorable film from the 2000s than this crap! Gee, you don't have to be a dick about it! Being rude won't get you very far in life, my friend! Unpunished violence is the reason why we have some much wrong with our world! View all replies >