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I'm sorry, that's just dumb. I tried to watch Branagh's Much Ado. The moment Reeves opened his mouth I had to turn it off. So now here it is, years later, and I thought maybe I should give him a chance in something less challenging. So I started John Wick. Same thing. The moment he opens his mouth, the show is over. Yes, very good. There's just something compelling about Shatner, and he was in remarkable shape here. He was running and jumping like a man half his age! So was Obama, but he always conveniently forgot that. Odd. I see it at my gym most every day. I maxed out at 365 a long time ago. I wouldn't try anything near that today, but I'm old and badly injured. I dunno. Somehow I had no problem rooting for Walter White, though I know a lot of people did have such trouble. For that matter, same with Tony Soprano. But this... no. Well that's what you get for watching a dub. Nothing superhuman about 350. That's what's so nice about the scene - it keeps the question open. It's a lot of weight but nothing extraordinary. You don't seem to know what a project is. Funnily enough, both were both spin-offs of All in the Family (directly and indirectly, respectively). View all replies >