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STOP THE PRESS!!!! Harry Plinkett The Last Jedi review is now up on YouTube. STOP THE PRESS!!!! Harry Plinkett The Last Jedi review is now up on YouTube. IMDb's first troll? John Williams' father folks! Him and Kathleen Hepburn were like the ocean and the shore. It must have been a sign of the times but I didn't fancy her at all in Laura. We got some stealth updates on the 'Known For' and 'Similar Movies' sections. View all posts >


I'm glad to hear I can call you Shoggers again, I think my work here is done *Quantum leaps* No worries Shoggers (Are we there again yet?). It's the seeing part that I'm never up for Df 😉 Anonymity seems to be a luxury these days on the Internet rather than a standard. I'm all up on the figurative ones Df, I just like it when they can be both that and literal too! It's a great movie, just got some dark tones to it Yonkers. We Need To Talk About Kevin Smith. I think I'd send you someone for your PR rather then me, I'd only get too into it and mess it up on a colossal scale. Knowing good people and delegating to them is an important part of getting ahead in life, being a wrapped up perfectionist who gets it completely wrong is more my bag 😉 I do like hats, I own a number of them but never wear them. I don't know why either Df! I've got it ready for a watch later Margo, thanks for the link! Seems like it's a hundred minutes or so long and I'll need some dedicated time for to see it in peace. I'll update you once I have though! You got any proof there to back up your assertions? I mean this is the James Tiberius Kirk kid we're talking about - hardly a great actor who hasn't been about a few times already. View all replies >