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The only dumb thing is the opening OP of this thread. If you are going to be WOKE then you can't criticize the show for avoiding the Vietnam War and criticize Nabors' sexual orientation at the same time. CBS and Nabors made a ton of money of off this show. So much so that Nabors retired to Hawaii. So who is the dumb one? Sitcoms especially back then were not down for making social statements and Gomer Pyle USMC was no different. Also, an FYI there were people in the military whose assignment was something other than Vietnam. A number of them manned bases in the US while others manned posts such as Pearl Harbor and West Germany for example. Even though I am from the Northeast most people here back then could not afford beef on a regular basis just like in the South. My dad and uncle always commented that chicken was on the table quite a bit when they were kids. And back then when chicken was on the menu it meant going out to the chicken coop to slaughter a bird or two starting with cutting their heads off. Getting hungry? I disagree. The Gomer Pyle era was perhaps its best. Man in a Hurry is in most fans' top five episodes lists. The Bank Job. Opie the Birdman. I thought the show was balanced rather well. Mayberry was set in the foot of the mountain areas of NC versus a former plantation area. An area where there would be very few black people but on the average more tolerant of black people because the local economy never depended on slavery. Any agriculture was subsistent in nature like with the Darling family. They never raised any cotton to speak of and made enough money to buy clothing, a few tools, and a dilapidated old truck and not much else. Different times. People felt differently about jeans and denim when they were forced to wear it because they could not afford anything else. Back then there was no such thing as high end denim. Wearing non-denim clothing back then was a statement that you arrived economically. It's called Southern hospitality and its not limited to Southerners. That aside it was suggested in an early episode that Andy and Barney were cousins even though it was seldom referred to after that. Further, in eras now gone it was more common to have guests for dinner during the week. Moonshine was illegal but I would imagine that wine, beer, and spirits sold through stores were no problem. TAGS did not show that because that was part of the escapism that television pushed during the 1960's. That aside Andy Griffith himself said that Mayberry was already a dated idea when the show premiered in 1960. That Mayberry as shown would be typical for an American small town just prior to the Great Depression. Like you hinted at most of the downtown business district would be gone in favor of big box stores. Having said that the pedestrian laws and vehicle laws shown would still be enforced in most towns and cities today. From what I saw (no pun intended) it took forever to where a saw blade actually wore out. 2 out of every three episodes was about them getting by due to lack of work for the mill. Even with the mill working they took breaks for meals and the kids home work plus believed in no working on Sunday. I don't remember one episode where John and Grandpa were out there working at the crack of dawn. It's almost like there was not a Depression going on. Kazon clearly. Nothing but intergalactic trailer trash. Not chess, Mr Spock. Poker! Actually, I prefer chess although I am probably mediocre at it. The Empath is a pretty fair episode but lacks in production values and just does not invoke a lot of emotion as to what is going on. We know from the beginning that Kirk, Spock, and Dr McCoy will be there at the end. It's not like The Doomsday Machine where it was far from obvious until it actually happens that Commodore Decker commits suicide. Or The Omega Glory where Captain Tracey is taken into custody. TPS failed because the premise of McCoy having needed to go back to the ship is not consistent with other episodes such as Arena and The Return of the Archons where Enterprise personnel were allowed to detach from the ship if the need arose. Logically, a small landing party should have been left to find Kirk. Also, from earlier episodes it had been established that there were other capable doctors aboard ship even if they were not on the level of McCoy. Phasers fusing ship circuits? Everybody involved with Star Trek other than some of the actors knew this would be the last season so quality was sacrificed so the push to the finish line would happen. The only reason to watch this one is to see Louise Sorel look incredibly hot. Otherwise this is exhibit G in the long list of reasons that season 3 got the show dubbed Star Dreck. No. It's got nothing to do with religion and everything to do with a stable relationship. Get in a fight with the wife in a state where it is legal and the guy has less reason to work it out versus seeking out a hooker. You can say "Well, that just won't happen in a relationship" but guys seek out alternatives without seeing a hooker. A hooker would be one more straw on the camel's back that may break a household. A household that may have kids in it as well. Kids have enough stress without another issue between the parents. Honestly, pay for sex is not that hard to find in states where prostitution is illegal. Just google an escort service. The risk is about the same in terms of STD's as legalized brothels if the women are of age and legal citizens. No controlling johns in terms of you might be the next guy after the guy with a STD the test from yesterday on the girl be darned. Frankly, it is not hard at all to find it for free if you groom yourself and don't look like an ogre. No. There most likely was not an actor of the caliber Victor Buono was to properly portray Tut. This is the only version that works in my mind. The same way people in the US during 2020 and the Covid quarantine got blown in to law enforcement for restriction violations. Somebody tattled on them. Being gay in any culture means taking a chance to find a like minded person so the risk is there to be found out by a straight person. As has been said previously the payoff is not that high to assign a lot of resources to hunt down gays. Pay off the mortgage. Replace my sensible vehicle with a newer sensible vehicle. Pay off a small amount of personal debt. That would still leave most of the 400,000 dollars to invest or save. As I understand it those clubs were fairly underground. Which again makes it hard to know just how many gays were present in pre-Nazi Germany. Those clubs were mainly in the large cities such as Berlin. What the activity was in municipalities of 10,000 people or less is difficult to assess. Gays in Germany prior to Hitler is very hard to assess. It would seem that gays had a larger than typical presence versus most other parts of Europe. But far from being out in the open in large numbers.