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Pinning a dude to the wall with a kitchen knife... I am pretty right wing.. Not very good. Ignoring the previous sequels.... The axe man from season 3. Fuck you, Brown, you out of touch celebrity moron! Okay, okay I'm sorry, guys lol Okay then... You are all lying lol View all posts >


Awww, look at you trying to make friends. Kid, why don't you just go outside and make some REAL friends.... And seriously, is that humour to you, is it? Only the simplest of minds would laugh at something as bland as that. "Epic fail" You really show your age when you say this kinda cringy shit....Seriously, kid what kinda gay, little tween are you? How old are you? Serious question....And I bet you will not answer lol. Oh yes, by simply using the word "Kid" that definitely proves that I am.......Trying. Do you even think about your words before you say them? lol You really are one dumb, little cunt aren't ya? "Its clear, You have no comebacks for any of my facts" LMAO How can I have comebacks for something I haven't even read? I don't even know what "facts" you are talking about because you've been having a conversation with yourself, you fucking retard LOOOOL. haha Why would I block you? Seeing your comments that you have sweat n bled to write makes my day. Just knowing there is someone out there who was SOOOOOOOO triggered by my trolling they decided to take the time outta their day to write shit loads of whiny posts about me....Someone they have never met or even seen lol. It's hilarious. I came back from the pub last night n showed your comments to my friends who also agreed that you are pathetic. You actually think YOU are trolling ME right? LMAO! You are so thick you don't even realize that I've been trolling you this whole time, making you type paragraph after paragraph just to show the world how triggered you are, completely oblivious to the fact that NOBODY CARES lol. No one is reading your comments....And anyone who can see them will see just how much you have let an online troll get to you.....Brilliant. "You are a Netflix troll....You are not trolling on Hill House....I have no doubt that you havent even watched it...." Oh wow lol. You really are a useless, little bitch LMAO. And yeah, you are right....I don't hate the show. I save my hate for important things. I just think it is a pour show made by and for morons lol. Deal with it, Princess. I was made fun of online? :-( How will I ever recover?? LMAO You think I give a fuck about what annonymous people say about me online? Nah, kid.....It's you who lives your whole life online. You people mean nothing to me lol. LMAO Moron. You are too thick to even understand the point of the comment. It wasn't a "brag" it was a suggestion that the film Halloween was never scary, not even back when it was first release. I don't brag about not finding films scary.....Because unlike you, I am a grown up. I thought Hereditary was scary as shit.....Is that a brag? Or a the opposite of a brag? The only pussy here is the faggot who has been triggered over a troll post made over a week ago. You are a pathetic, little girl and I would imagine you get your skinny ass beaten on a daily basis. " IF YOU TRULY werent reading my posts.....You wouldnt respond back!" Really, that is logical to you is it? You honestly believe this? You need to think that one though, little boy. You are one unintelligent, little creature. Guess what.....I didn't read your long posts....And yet I still replied.....To let you know that I didn't read your long ass post.....Because I can tell how triggered you are and it is funny coming back here to see how much keyboard bashing you've been doing lmao. LMAO You seriously think you are "owning" me? Wow! You are so thick you can't even tell how pathetic and triggered you seem by making all these long ass posts all about a stranger who upset you over a week ago. You even keep trying to explain your point as if I have asked when to be honest, I am not even reading most of your posts so you are just typing away pages of butthurt whining and nobody is even listening to you LMAO. It's hilarious. LMAO Dumbass. I ain't even gonna correct you, it's funnier knowing that you believe what you believe..... View all replies >