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star trek is against space travel minor chacters on voyager Minor charcters on TNG voyager on H&I Is chief o'brien a pedophile? Quailty of shows on H&I More anti-semitism from trek racist propaganda Plot lines taken straight form The Practice "Who watches the Watchers" is it anti-christain? View all posts >


implausible space battles that the ships are closer then sea ships in WW2 sanctionary citys and states are already in insurrection and sedition. you have been reported oh like in 1860-65 I liked the Neelix and Tuvox shows but your right the pots were absurd. Less polution with Trump then under Obama. Not sure why Mx didn't pay for but you can argue with less crime and job competiopn the wall is a money maker. Middle class did get a tax cut. Oh you mean the cages that Obama built I guess you never heard of Abe Lincoln View all replies >