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BBC censers TNG what will season2 be about? Turned it off after 30 min will the show end next season? Real jewish americans HBO unamerican who is the "best" who was the kid at the funeral The ultimate jump the shark momet Trek technobabble View all posts >


More TDS Its FAKE Watch "The spirit of St. Louis" if you want to know the true Lindbergh. You are on IGNORE Charles Lindbergh was a not a Nazi sympathizer He gave detailed plans of the Luftwaffe to the war department. FDR was jealouis of Lindy and would not let him searve but as a civilain adviser he shot down several enemy planes. God bless Charles Lindbergh and President Trump. But vice president Wallace was a Stalinst Proud american Jew You are a Stalinist Yep you are right left wing dems have been cheating at elections for years. Thank God we have president Trump. Just watch the last show...This is the sam as porn. Lindy was 1 of americas greatest heros and this is how left wing HBO treats him. Lets go after JFK next..there you have some filth and truth show the people. View all replies >