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The real Tommy Shine can I binge watch season 2 censorship negan in 2002 BBc censors trek More proof that TWD is part of the Breaking bad universe. Davis E Kelly a big fan of star trek starring chris Pratt To jewish? View all posts >


well? Michelle Forbes Had a small beuty mark in TNG that grew to tremendious proportions later, she finaly had it removed. here is a example: If I say Trump may be a loud mouth but he has lowered the unemployment for blacks. A totally factial comment but if a moderator is anti Trump he could censor it. I wouldn't call it homophobic. the water is moving the wheels I forgot....drunk driving...guilty...leaving the scene of a accident..guilty...assaulting a woman...guilty///assualting a police officer..guilty! only die from a can have zombie goo pour into your open wounds all day and nothing happens. They do they just walk into fire and oof of cliffs..they are becomming dumber It cannot be helped. When the press finds out they print it. It is the same universe, It started a few years after Breaking bad timeline. Other proof is Daryl and Meryl had blue meth with them. View all replies >