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It’s definitely coherent. Clear parallels between the opening suicide and rituals later on in the film. Oooh I didn't see the irony because there isn't any. There's no obligation to make a counterargument unless I make a claim. and I didn't. I just pointed out how his critique was shitty, and I explained why. Nope. I must be stupid. Enlighten me. Ok. Typical ill-equipped critic. Name-dropping movies, pulling the "social justice" card, and then talking about the box office scores to justify the opinion. Why/How? Queen is as easy to to drop. That's why people made a movie of it. Just because you can name drop some REALLY easy to drop band names doesn't mean you have a point... Well..I would see it if it was in any fucking theatres near me, but it's not. Nah, they shouldn't have gotten murder. I wasn't fond of freak show. Maybe I'll have to watch it again. I can see why you might feel it became directionless. After finishing it, I feel it more so went from being extremely politically centered to instead focusing on illustrating cult psychology. The writers didn't do a very good job of transitioning between the themes for the audience. Some twits would argue rape is worse than murder. That's probably part of the reason why people don't pay attention to that reality you've pointed out Yeah..he was incredibly likeable...because 3 year olds who throw temper tantrums and ram their cars into houses when they get older are likeable lmao. No one is likeable in this show. That's the point. And if House seems likeable, his narcissism clipped you ;) Well, sure...I agree...a non-psychedelic hookup. Thirteen and House would have been a psychedelic fling/hookup. Nothing's wrong with it. It's just that your criticism isn't really criticism. It's boring and there isn't a point because it's a fictional TV show. So you don't like watching human beings? Looks like you missed the point of the entire show. We all are like that. No offense...but that's the entire point and irony of the story. The whole plot line exposes the fallacy of "true altruism". Someone who is in it for themselves entirely and despises humanity can help someone tremendously if they are intelligent and love to solve puzzles. If you're from the West or East, I could see why. But his accent sounds pretty Midwestern or Northern.