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I feel like the idiot who likes a movie most people hate.... Finally a cathartic movie that understands... If you're sleeping with the DC Universe, get out of bed and open up your mind... Season 7: Surprised at how riveting it is Why House's therapist was an IDIOT I really thought this would happen... well shit...Charlie's Acting... NOBODY would sympathize if she was a man Did you think about this? View all posts >


It’s definitely coherent. Clear parallels between the opening suicide and rituals later on in the film. Oooh I didn't see the irony because there isn't any. There's no obligation to make a counterargument unless I make a claim. and I didn't. I just pointed out how his critique was shitty, and I explained why. Nope. I must be stupid. Enlighten me. Ok. Typical ill-equipped critic. Name-dropping movies, pulling the "social justice" card, and then talking about the box office scores to justify the opinion. Why/How? Queen is as easy to to drop. That's why people made a movie of it. Just because you can name drop some REALLY easy to drop band names doesn't mean you have a point... Well..I would see it if it was in any fucking theatres near me, but it's not. Nah, they shouldn't have gotten murder. View all replies >