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"so they found more votes for dementia Joe but none for President Trump?" Are you really that stupid or just say stupid stuff online? Hella good sinki! Sacramento is the Iowa of California. What a cesspool of right-wing trash-talk this place has become! I'm deleting my history and leaving forever. Have a good idiot-life, idiots! Even worse, single LETTER per line! But that's OK, experience has shown me that there is usually a lot of heat and no light to be had from those type of extended "converstaions." Well we know what that makes you, don't we? How long ago was that (I cannot address you personally because it keeps changing your name to Trump!)? I had the same problem. I probably could have advanced further if anti-anxiety meds were more in acceptance then. But Valium was just for frustrated housewives, if you recall (if you're old enough!). Well Google owns YT, right? Remember what it was like before you were born? It's like that. Still they stifled the Dodgers! Some causes allow you to bend the rules. View all replies >