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"Senile Joe." "crazy whore." Why must you talk like a dimwitted insurrectionist? And there are so many variables to consider in answering your question that it is impossible to answer at this time. It leads one to think you just wanted to display under your anonymous handle that you're a dyed-in-the-wool tRumpist. And I am not "triggered." I just wanted to see how, and if, you would respond to a reasonable question--just like a good mother will not berate her child for doing a bad thing but try to talk him through his problems. (Btw, he seems 10x sharper that your saint Ronny did in his last 2-3 yrs in office--couldn't recall a damn thing at the questioning over Iran-Contra.) No need to re-make the movie into something different because you need an "explanation." And the word "trick," while it has a negative connotation in the world of prostitution, is not "code for" coward--can you give an example, or even a link to an online "urban dictionary," where it is so used? He thought her husband was a coward because he committed suicide, as he declares. No need to impute any other reasons, especially if they depend on illogic. I don't see them as "shills of the left." Riffing on the important social and political issues of the day has always been a large part of late night monologues, from Carson on and even farther back. And if you've got a topic so ripe for satire as tRump, it would be comedy suicide to ignore it in order to not hurt the sensitivities of tRump supporters. All the late night hosts may indeed be liberals, but that I think is simply the way it is, much like all of talk-radio is dominated by radical Republicans: conservative comics do not appeal to many people (cuz they're not funny) and liberal people do not listen to talk radio (even if there were liberal talk-radio shows blasting on 50,000 megawatt stations all across the country). But this is a political discussion, and I will not discuss it further here than to say it's better to "own the cons" on TV than to "own the libs" on radio! OK here's the plan: I think it will work. Deprive him of his hamberders and twitter! He'll be out in a day! I can recall on one or two polls he just got to 50%, and maybe one had him at 51%. But 55%, never. He was stuck between 40-45% his whole term. I'm saying Parasite has the look and feel of a Hollywood movie from the 90s. Just checked back with RT and indeed, the public is not so enamored as the critics, giving it a score of 63% from 201 votes (critics still at 90%). At IMDB it gets a 6.1 from 5000 votes. I didn't particularly like this movie but to find fault with it for its lack of olfactory verisimilitude is definitely nitpicking! You love The Simpsons but you are not going to watch until they stop making new shows? And since you "don't know anyone who still watch it," obviously the ratings are rigged, just like Trumpy's election loss. Nice tie-in to Grey's Anatomy, the shows are virtually identical, imho. You are to be ignored. View all replies >