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1. From the written records it does appear that she had lesbian lovers 2. Those unusual lenses did also "take me out of the movie," but they probably have a meaning if I were to look into it--and so probably fail for a mass movie audience, though maybe some "cinephiles" could appreciate it. 3. The dance was delightful. Of course it wasn't historically accurate, but I believe it was meant to "pile on" the poor Queen who couldn't dance at all and so responded by getting angry. I really wish I could have seen more of the dance rather than the queen's growing anger. 4. Grow up! 5. Because many people liked it (111,000 ratings on IMDB, avg. score of 7.6). Not "ever," but two of the funnier lines from the movie that I can remember: Brennan (just waking): I'll kill you Leonard Nimoy! Dale (also just waking): The clown has no penis! Also, two of the funniest scenes: Alice taking a pee "man-style." Brennan wiping his butt in the sink using the rug. What's a video store? 94% now, and 69% audience score. Also 74% on IMDB. Metacritic has 81% critic and 6.7 User scores. So clearly this is one of those movies loved by the professionals but not so much by the average movie fan. I myself would give it a 6.5 or 7--the twist at the end really left a bad taste in my mouth, as it made much of the preceding story unfathomable (even without it, a lot would still have been unfathomable). I have to agree with Richard Lawson in his Vanity Fair article that Peele is "trying to do too many things at once." Carl Carlson. That's just sickening, a politician with an agenda! Why cant' they be more centralist! I don't know if it's his "best" role but he's just an average actor. I stand by my Three Stooges comment. Slapstick is hardly my favorite comedy mode (my favorite recent comedy is Grand Budapest Hotel) but when well-done it agrees with me--what never does is a grade B movie (B for bad cinematography, bad acting, bad writing) that tries too hard to make up for its deficiencies with puerile cleverness. I'm not a big fan of the series so I don't know about your first two points but your last two are indisputably accurate! Yeah, way over-rated. "Critics" seem so stupid these days. There was nothing much new in this MI; the car chases were pretty standard fare which I've seen many times before (tired of cars racing through red lights at busy intersections and avoiding collisions!)--for a really well-done and innovative car chase, catch the 2nd Kingsman movie--and Tom running, so much running! The running scenes could have been cut by 2/3 with no detriment to the movie (um, the guys in the van knew the villain's location--wouldn't it have been easier for them to drive to him, especially using the run-red-light-without-crashing card) in fact would improve it by shortening it. View all replies >