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Do only kids go to movies these days? Riding so hard on the back of Kubrick Jlo was furious Over-written The music in this was terrible! Oh, those violin crescendos whenever they kissed! Her show goes out live? NFL Sunday YoutubeTV edits movies "for content" Anybody else have problems with Youtube TV? View all posts >


Blacking out "without aliens" lol! Stones are low class I saw the movie and did not think it was promoting stripping. It was telling a story and the subject of the story can be anything. It's called freedom of speech. You seem to know a lot about strippers. Perhaps you were at one time a fan, and your former love has now turned to hate. It's about time! Can you please give attribution to that first quote?. They will of course have to face their day in court and if found guilty will definitely face more repercussions. Not familiar with any of those but they can't be more hilarious than the one in the Bean movie, I forget which one. I agree with the critics. You must have a high tolerance for trite sentimentality to like this film. One wonders why the film switches to Spain from New York about half-way in and then groan, or laugh, when the movie unfolds the unbelievable coincidence of the Spanish boy in the bus looking out the window at the woman just hit and killed by his bus eventually marrying her daughter (born at her death!) after just happening to meet her on a park bench somewhere in that vast city (and they never spent a night apart for the next 42 years)! Truly stuff made only, one thought, for Hallmark movies. And from the numbers on IMDB (a measly 12,000 ratings) it doesn't appear to be making much viewer headway. There are two types of people--those who fit everyone else into two categories, and winners. Oh yeah, "alley." The older I get the worse my spelling gets! Yes so classy. Everybody dressed to the nines, no traffic, every car a beaut, no dining in a restaurant without formal attire, brandy recognized as a curative, everybody white-skinned--good times. No. 2 is the most egregious. There are also others, which you can see a list of on IMDB (a long list). One that I would like to point out is that early in the movie, when "Madeleine" is stopping at a store, she pulls up to a side door in an ally only wide enough for one car, right next to an entrance. Scottie pulls up behind her in the same ally. Obviously, this could not really be "Customer Parking," as the sign says which they show on the side of the building--obviously put there for the filming. How can you possibly have customer parking in a narrow ally where one car parking will block any other car from getting through the ally? Another amusing aspect was how easy it was for them, no matter where they went in San Francisco, to park on the curb at the front door of any establishment (in the 50s, SF had already reached its maximum pop. of roughly 3/4 million). View all replies >