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What do you have Netflix for? Too many long speeches You have to be wary of movies that Those of you with YouTube TV, how happy are you with it? B movie trash Why did they call the witness Prynn? Was that Tarantino as Pai Mei? Terrible CGI Good acting kept my interest Michael Gambon II View all posts >


Right now, Colbert (although, as others have also stated, I wish at times he would do less Trump). A few years and more ago, I really enjoyed watching Letterman (first 20 min.), then Colbert (recorded, but only his monologue), and then Craig Ferguson (when I first saw him, just browsing channels, I thought the show must be really stupid, what with the costume horse and robot, but when I actually started watching I realized "genius!" Too bad his pride was so hurt when they didn't pick him to replace Letterman that he quit. I hope he's happy with his game show.) brush--floss--brush, it's just that simple Oh you poor snowflake white supremacist! Did slang word for whitey in comedy movie make you all upset? As part of the dominant, and oppressive, and for most of history, racist race, I feel we are due our "comeuppance" from the trod-upon races in whatever nonviolent way they choose to mock us, especially in a comedy movie, lol! Ha ha, "cracker down" was the only laugh-out-loud line in this awful comedy! You Retardicans are such snowflakes. Stick to watching movies made for your niche (Stallone, Willis, Van Damme, Seagal and on and on and on). You'll be much happier. I agree--she looked like MJ. Will women ever learn to age gracefully rather than submit to the scalpel and look wierd? Well, I don't consider 13 out of 40 a good ratio. I originally wrote this post out of frustration because I had been searching for a movie and not one of the titles I came up with were available (as best I can recall they included The Nice Guys, Withnail and I, Raising Arizona, Nebraska--plus a few others I forget). There does seem to be, however, an unlimited number of crappy B movies. So to me (not interested in series) it is not much different from Redbox, maybe even worse because I think Redbox has more of recent releases, although they too are certainly crammed with lots of crappy low-budget fare. So, I looked up Stranger Things, and that is about a woman who has lost her child and has to fight supernatural forces? That basically is why. That she would not mind the door being open did not bother me half so much as her not minding being handcuffed to the bed! It was a reminder of the good deed he did for the owl in only taking one egg, and that good karma rewarded him later View all replies >