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Earth is doomed! Is Colorado Springs still a racist backwater? Last shot a shameless bit of self-rev/ference Of course there was no kissing cop scene at the end was a bridge too far Luther's exposition of Ethan's early retirement had me chuckling Did they CGI Cruise's face in the scene with Julia's new husband? Could they really have "bungee-jumped?" Unfunny comedy 96% on Rotten Tomatoes? View all posts >


That's just sickening, a politician with an agenda! Why cant' they be more centralist! I don't know if it's his "best" role but he's just an average actor. I stand by my Three Stooges comment. Slapstick is hardly my favorite comedy mode (my favorite recent comedy is Grand Budapest Hotel) but when well-done it agrees with me--what never does is a grade B movie (B for bad cinematography, bad acting, bad writing) that tries too hard to make up for its deficiencies with puerile cleverness. I'm not a big fan of the series so I don't know about your first two points but your last two are indisputably accurate! Yeah, way over-rated. "Critics" seem so stupid these days. There was nothing much new in this MI; the car chases were pretty standard fare which I've seen many times before (tired of cars racing through red lights at busy intersections and avoiding collisions!)--for a really well-done and innovative car chase, catch the 2nd Kingsman movie--and Tom running, so much running! The running scenes could have been cut by 2/3 with no detriment to the movie (um, the guys in the van knew the villain's location--wouldn't it have been easier for them to drive to him, especially using the run-red-light-without-crashing card) in fact would improve it by shortening it. Not best sci-fi (that would be Blade Runner). And who cares and is not a little suspect of an award-show (aired where?) which chooses pictures as "best of" for a year that is only half-way through. This is the type of extended one-on-one discussion that helped ruin the IMDB message board. I will not indulge you any longer--you should have let the discussion die with my last comment, which was a pretty good joke. Fini. I'm also not an actor. I can't remember that. What bad guy and what did he say? I hated that scene (and most of the rest of the movie, although it did make me laugh a couple of times). It presents the public as small-minded sadists who enjoy bad movies so they can laugh at them. Huh? Well I guess that's the sort of behavior you can expect from "cults." View all replies >