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Rank the stories Am I the only one that actually liked this? This is my new favorite Santa shark movie of all time Rip off of Upgrade View all posts >


The cut out a a few good things to add rubbish. None of the songs had the same impact. None of the characters show any emotion that they did in 1994. I think die hard lovers of the film and people who see idk 10 movies a year will think this is great. I see 200+ movies a year and wasnt impressed. 5m to go but it's soon to be release on dvd. Even if it fails to get over the line a rerelease is a given so it has made it now for sure. I gave it a 7 and at best this is a 7 it is an exact copy of the original It did suck so yes It is the exact same movie as the original just with modern CGI. Literally nothing else is new here it is shot by shot the exact same movie. No reason to even see this other then the visuals. Brightburn was ok for the budget of 7m but essentially just a pissed off teen killing people he doesnt like. This is "Wrinkle In Time" all over again. Maybe it was panned cause it's a crappy film. Plus people will start to pick and choose which superhero movies they go to see. In among the good ones there has been some pretty crap ones no one will remember like "Brightburn" or the already forgotten "Hellboy". Really? it is 6.4/10 not exactly great the new one will beat that easy another Batman vs Superman just in monster form lol. Wonder what fag musician they can biopic next? should mix it up with a dike musician next time at lease. View all replies >