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I didn't know... Coming Soon Releases 2021 The Wand He's always good She's a great actress Great loss I've wish I read the books 25 minutes in and Music in TV ads Denver to play with no QBs View all posts >


Jim Carey what a loser. And you got that right. The Oscars are a thing of the past for me. Boring The big red one (1980) Juggernaut (1974) 35 years ago I was drinking JB at Caesars Palace at the barge. (Great times back then) And it does taste good with a splash of water. Those people falling into the crater was funny. It was suppose to be funny. But I guess not. Hah-Hah. Spoiler below - Thanks , that's great: you said it all. And I was happy when Snape turned out to be on Harry's side all along. I've watched her a long time but I'm getting sick of her. I'm glad her show is ending. Wow. View all replies >