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Not ONE ugly doctor is this... Pete Townshend said? Tragic life This dude is light in the loafers. Fainted last night Lewis is not good Age group opinion Fight at the beginning I'm 11 red A I'm 11 red !A, I'm 11 red A! Saw when I was a kid View all posts >


That is such a grown-up thing to do. Can one sleep with either eye open? I say there is no way a person can sleep with one of their eyes open. You see, you see, no ugly people there. I know it's ridiculous. That's what I was saying. And no ugly doctors having sex. Not like how it is today of course. Criminals love to get tattooed back then. Hell, today grandmothers get tattoos. You have to look really hard to find it. And that's no bluff. Heh-heh. And what a cash cow it is. Ok, I liked it. You people here are fuking crazy. View all replies >