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Nickelback rocks. Same thing with the criticism for The Phantom Menace. Adult Star Wars fans who grew up with the originals may have not been so warm on Episode I, but every kid who was at least 4-years-old or older who saw it as their first Star Wars films and first Star Wars experience in theater loved it and kept begging our parents or guardians to take us to see it multiple times. And plenty of kids who grew up with Episode I and ever had any genuine love for the film still love it or least like it and given in to the hate bandwagon hivemind on the Internet like unfortunately so many other millennials have. Nostalgia aside, the film has absolutely stood the test of time because it's always genuinely been not just a great Star Wars movie, but a great movie in itself period. And there is no way anyone possibly prefer the next two Prequels or the Disney films over this film unless you're just really mentally ill, or have really bad taste in movies. The other two Prequels on the other hand...yeah that's definitely when things started to go downhill...they have always been a mixed bag among the general public even with Episode III's so-called "return to form" reception. I hated Spider-Man 3 because crybaby Tobey Maguire was at his utter worst in the film, the "black suit" sucked and has nothing the full black suit in the comics, pussy ass Topher Grace's Edde Brock/Venom was an utter disgrace to the character, Kirsten Dunst was at her ugliest and most annoying in this film as well and because the film took everything bad about the first two movies and combined all of Sam Raimi's flaws as a director into one. As for the new Spider-Man movies, they suck too and are for the hipster/thick-rimmed glasses wearing Imagine Dragons-loving/Tumblr generation. I'm honestly sick to death of "Spider-Man" movies at this point and I think the property just needs to die a horrible death already considering his movies have never that good to begin with and no mature intelligent person over the age of 12 should still like Spider-Man. The Charlie Sheen episodes were and still are really entertaining and hilarious, but the Ashton Kutcher episodes on the other hand... View all replies >