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Got some good news. Top 25 Most Overrated Movies Ever. Pearl Jam is one of the worst rock bands ever. Yankees fans: which Yankee do you back more fondly over: Alex Rodriguez or Jason Giambi? View all posts >


Watch out, you'll get destroyed by the Tom Holland and MCU fanboys. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999). Fred Durst gives all Yankees fans and the New York Yankees cap a bad name. When I say 9/11 made everything awesome, I don't mean that all the people getting killed in New York was awesome (that was so awful and tragic and people getting hurt and dying is NEVER a good thing), I mean it was awesome to finally see the boring and bland pop culture of the Late-1990's die after that day and make way for the awesome decade that was the 2000's. A lot of things became better after 9/11 like women's fashion, movies, cartoons, video games, music, rock music became more popular again, people got smarter, comedies got better, comedians became funnier, etc. The Late-1990's/very Early-2000's were a very safe and vanilla time for America, society and pop culture in general. 2007. The movie made me want to start watching the show. View all replies >