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A very pretty girl, but she can't act to save her life. It's so bad that it's basically anti-acting. Whaaa...? Uh, no. I did go to high school with Paul McCrane though. I took a look and a I don't think so. I think that setting would have stuck in my mind, though that was warmer. That actually seems like a good premise for a show, med school in the Caribbean. I just have this one impression of the new students standing around and informally introducing themselves and when the nurse does, somebody makes that snide remark to, I believe, another student, not to the nurse directly. I almost want to say that it was on videotape not film, but I don't trust my memory enough for that. As weird as it sounds, I almost picture them in some pretty stark setting, like a garage or something, standing up, maybe waiting to be shown around on the first day. If I remembered one person in it, it would be a cinch, but I don't. That line is really all I have. Took a look, but, no, they were definitely medical students, not nursing students. Thanks though. I'm not sure what the real story is, but I've heard Getty's family has angrily denied that he was complicit in his original kidnapping. The young guy being killed after helping him escape was also completely left out of the movie version and the two diverge pretty dramatically when it comes to the ear. One has a doctor hired by the kidnappers doing it and the other makes it Getty's idea and a young boy doing it. What the hell? Isn't that much of the real story known for sure by now? Speaking of fluff, the incessant shadow puppets in this version felt like torture. I"ve always liked her, but a couple of the women that play the father's and the grandfather's squeezes are utter smoke shows. It's well done, but the pacing is somewhat uneven. It can go from compelling to plodding even within the same episode. Clearly, money was spent and Donald Sutherland is superb, but 10 parts for this story is an awful lot. If it would have been tightened to eight, it might have been better. That said, there are many important details that weren't included in the movie. The worst was going through my head, that Bart would sacrifice himself to save the girl and either end up dead or in prison. I realize this was the conditioning of having seen too many lurid films and it would have been a huge disappointment if that had happened. But then I remembered how much detail he left her in his note on the map - his address, his phone number, a promise to see her again. He planned to stay in her life and continue helping her, which wouldn't include a wild, nihilistic gesture and then another abandonment. I think he would warn the uncle and make sure the mother wouldn't place the girl at risk again. I don't think he would presume on his own that the girl would want to go to the police and through the courts. If she did, I think he would support her. If people can bond over anime, surely two people who experienced something this meaningful can as well. View all replies >