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That's what the get when they hired the Brady Bunch guy to do music . . . Jane:<b>Juliane Moore</b> Blanche: <b>Catherine Zeta Jones</b> Maid: <b>Queen Latifa</b> Edwin: <b>Mark Proksch </b> <blockquote> So whats the film you first saw the 4th wall being broken? </blockquote> Any Woody Allen Film Sounded like he came from New Orleans. It says Ebert gave it 3 and a half stars. Catherine Zeta Jones, or if not available, Kristen Stewart. Good end credits. Best ever . . . hmm... More often than not, 30 year olds are cast as high school kids eg. the Karate Kid, Happy Days So actors in their late 20s is fair game I suppose. It is just you View all replies >