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I played this during Quarantine Don't waste your time This is just like the College Humor fake trailer A bit slow paced but... Haven't seen a full episode yet, but... Was the police biased? Is Sting a bad person? View all posts >


Good call. Thanks! Yeah, I hate when people get this judgmental about famous people, especially when they don't know the details or won't even post them to sustain their claims... SMH I'm rewatching some of Jackie's movies from when I was a kid. Any advice? I'm 28 yo btw. Glad you mentioned it. I actually just watched it last night, almost 20 years later! I noticed that the famous way he stands up is depicted very well in this game.. among other things. The original Police Story was a very entertaining movie, I was so surprised by the practical effects used, considering it seems like a low budget movie. The stunts are obviously something special. No surprise he became so big overseas later on. He was 31 when the movie was released. He obviously had perfected some of his skills by 1985. I don't know much about his team and costars, I hope they are still in the business, their acting seemed very charming overall (I'd need to see a non dubbed version, but I'm sure Cantonese is complicated to subtitle, I can guarantee that people who understand it can enjoy these movies in a whole different level we do). Do you know if this game had Jackie singing in any scene or in the credits? Yeahsure, coz the country changed a lot during Obama's term... Valuable info. Thank you very much. As I get older I realize that more and more. Mature women have grown up to feel and act as you referenced in your last 3 lines. I agree with OP. It is really not a bad film at all but the plot seems all over the place and the mood of the film changes constantly. The problem is that in the country the movie was set, there are only two or three more gay-centered films. I thin the filmakers wanted to represent a lot of issues and relate to the audience in many ways so they did many different movies at once. I think a more focused plot would've benefited the end result a lot. I still liked many lines from the film. The father/son relationship was very well executed and the violence felt realistic and scary. Good filmmaking overall. You have a point but... your post gets suspiciously anecdotical all of a sudden. Are you sure you don't work for her? Haha, this is gold! View all replies >