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This is just like the College Humor fake trailer A bit slow paced but... Haven't seen a full episode yet, but... Was the police biased? Is Sting a bad person? View all posts >


Late to this, but I love how you guys friendly argue, it warms my heart :') Yeah, it helped you guys at Facebook to do damage control... I have always despised social media. Using them is adictive, banal and non-productive. I hope this dies out some day in the future, for now it is sadly stronger than ever. You'll be surprised my friend. I have traveled to many non-english-speaking countries and most common people do not have this 'author cinema' knowledge. These are the kind of people that only go to the movies to watch action blockbusters or romcoms and don't care for 'weird movies on TV'. They see them as pretencious and boring. In fact when I went to see OUATIH in my gf's hometown, most of the young and not so young there (35ish) were restless, walked to and back from the bathroom a lot, walked out from the theater and did weirded out comments during most of the movie. I have learned to ignore this to enjoy films and follow their plots, but it is so common in most theaters! A friend from Brazil told me that something similar happened during their screenings. BTW, people knew who BP and LdC were, they just didn't talk about Tarantino at all. Not even when they were buying snacks or after the credits started rolling, in the exit alley. Not a bad movie if you ask me. I'm appreciating these American blockbusters a little more as I grow older. There are countries where people don't even know who QT is. On the other hand, since Fight Club, people remember Pitt as a sexy Icon from the movies. It is what it is. Wow. That's sad. Truly a disturbed individual. I am glad, however, that he was such a moving artist all his life. At least something good came from his persona on stage. She is fucking hot. I don't know you age, but I am sure that most guys under 40 are would be jealous of you. I am sure that this taste for older women is more common than people think. I remember when I was in high school the chemistry teacher pushing almost 60 was so hot to me and a couple of other male students. Girls hated her, she was so sexy and she didn't even have local, conventional beauty to back her up! Wow, so you first say that the large majority of blacks are not the ones on welfare... then you HAD TO clarify that you live in a white neighbourhood... So consistent! (lol). I don't think you really have that much money, in fact, you could be making up all of it. I think I know what whites and blacks have in common! I've seen both white and black people in these kinds of threads on the Internet, making up entire lifestyles and lying about luxuries and then they can't even prove them with imgur picks. Good luck living in that fantasy world forever, weirdo! For real! View all replies >