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They can fuck off because it ain't happening. Probably Soros-paid protesters from blue states. Compared to your average handgun, yes they are more destructive. That's kind of the point. Compared to other rifles, not by a long shot. The .50BMG has never been used in a crime that I'm aware of. Not many people are willing to pay $4000 for a 30lb rifle to rob a liquor store with. "Can you name me a liberal-leaning political party that, when in power, implemented a fascist state?" The US, right now. Because you retards wanna talk about guns and we wanna talk about criminals. The monsters that your failed liberal ideology has created. Time to admit your failure. Either way, I made the point and they failed miserably. As expected. And that is why we can't have a productive discussion about any of this. Tell me you're an idiot without using the word "idiot". Please explain, how are they oppressed? That's exactly what he wants. You shitheads are the biggest cowards there are. Too dimwitted to see the hypocrisy in your stupidity. Let me spell it out, you're going to ban civilian gun ownership and then depend on others to go and take them, using their guns. You're all hat and no cattle. Since you're a precious little snowflake, that means you're all talk from the safety of your internet connection and no balls. View all replies >