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<blockquote>And to think of it what you are unloading here is kind of one of those rants as well, heavy on politics and personal attacks, light on movie discussion.</blockquote> that would be like trying to eat a meal on the floor of a gas station bathroom, might as well just talk to the fascists directly i realized your other post on this show has phrases like "(yes, both are she)" which betrays your whole "i thought so too" cover story. you also did not understand why Indara didn't just kill Mae, assuming its just Disney being ridiculous, probably because you did not even follow the story, you were simply just ready to disqualify it at the end of the day IMDb had a ton more discussion on the actual merits of the arts, now its just a bunch of Trump supporters moaning about how the world left them behind i doubt you researched anything beyond Call of Duty lobbies, you couldn't spell to save your 12-year old troll life. you are allowed to return here when you aren't dribbling half your words, someone should have taught your mother the concept of gravity when you were a baby in the first 2 episodes there's no flashy action scenes and yet i still found myself engrossed in the story, presentation, & world-building, that is the mark of a well-written show that doesn't rely on cheap dazzle, so im looking forward to the rest i can definitely see how the englishman looks to be very very fortunate and how that would conflict with the audience's suspension of disbelief, but there is some history to support that since the Japanese were very isolationist and not aware of certain things, plus Toranaga is backed into a corner and would use any hail-mary he can. at first i didnt like the out of focus edges, but it seems like as the episodes go on they are using this effect to warp & distort the entire picture for storytelling purposes, and then i grew into it not sure why this thread even exists because after watching the first 3 episodes theres no female warrior protagonist, there is a scene where Mariko helps her group fight off an ambush using a naginata, which is in line with historical accounts of onna-musha, and she's not even the main focus. y'all right wingers fragile, don't worry, male supremacy isn't being challenged here, in fact she gets told several times to remain in the house and not try to aspire to be anything outside of the house, which should make you all very happy his ship wasn't the only ship out there, it's mentioned that theres a Korean ship that was also sent to investigate the nebula. he did leave his own ship and became untethered, but ended up being saved by the Korean ship. it was real, but that last scene was designed to either leave room for a sequel, or keep moviegoers tense so they bring the movie's fear home with them yeah there's no point to seeing horror movies at the theater, unless maybe you go to one of the early time slots on weekdays. people like to yell "boo!" or scream before a jumpscare happens, they're bad at managing their phones, and the combined smell of nacho cheese and popcorn is nauseating, even though i like both of those things. ive even seen people bring cans of vienna sausages and then dump the liquid on the floor. jesus fucking christ. we're not going to make it it was an interesting way to do a protagonist, i was not expecting all the twists. also new perspectives on the creatures, mostly religious but also scientific. i have mixed feelings about the ending though, when the credits rolled i thought "wait thats it?" but perhaps that just means i wanted to keep seeing more because i was hooked. ultimately i understand that it was a good time to end the movie when the metal door started creaking because its sorta cliffhanger, and it also means that maybe Montjuïc isnt as safe as it initially seemed the person behind them in the last scene is not another It because he looks to the right and to the left, whereas the It stares at you & homes in on you, also a normal person would be using the sidewalk like that, whereas the It can come from any direction and not rely on man-made paths like that. the ending, and perhaps also the meaning of the movie is what the user acidraindrop commented: "you do your best to live your life forward, but the specter of death is always at hand". its also the last dialogue in the movie when Yara is reading Dostoyevsky in the hospital: "When there is torture there is pain and wounds, physical agony, and all this distracts the mind from mental suffering, so that one is tormented only by the wounds until the moment of death. But the most terrible agony may not be in the wounds themselves but in knowing for certain that within an hour, then within ten minutes, then within half a minute, now at this very instant – your soul will leave your body and you will no longer be a person, and that is certain; the worst thing is that it is certain.” you could just take the movie literally as a good horror story, but it could also be that the "monster" is a metaphor for death, and the "curse" that we pass on are our genes or our hopes that by reproducing we are somehow extending our time, that our death may not be so final holy fuck 8800 comments, do you live here you nazi bitch? he was real but i think hes a red herring intended to make the audience initially believe he's possessed when he's genuinely mentally ill. perhaps we were meant to compare his behavior to Rose's next patient. it highlights how the general public would react to someone who is possessed by the entity and trying to explain what is happening to them, they'd be considered crazy like Carl, thats what ended up happening to Rose. <blockquote>It was able to disrupt electromagnetic power flow</blockquote> this is what makes me think its not from this world. it also seems to be able to create illusions like the cloud, instead of simply camouflaging into existing environment like animals do. although the movie drives home the point that it's like a wild animal, there's still a level of intelligence there that's unlike anything on earth except perhaps humans 1. Cyclops was still working for Spectre at the time. Safin poached him later 2. Safin did not plan for Madeline to transfer the poison to Bond, Safin was expecting Madeline to kill Blofeld herself. it was Bond who grabbed her wrist of his own accord <blockquote>Earlier we saw that Homelander's heat vision can damage Stormfront only superficially</blockquote> you are assuming that Homelander was using his full power in that scene. we know that he can attenuate the strength of his beam because he warms up a bottle of milk in another scene. personally i believe that he was being careful not to hurt Stormfront, he even pauses like twice to make sure. i believe that if he had kept going and meant it, he would have torn a hole through Stormfront meanwhile his kid has no training and only shoots when hes enraged so the comparison being made here is the kid's raw power versus Homelander's careful experiment and whats wrong with Stormfront making a reference to Trumpism? are you guys still trying to make people believe Trump isnt racist when he has a well-known history of committing housing discrimination against blacks? but thats not all, have a look for yourself: now sure, he doesn't straight up publicly say "im a proud racist and America is only for whites" but neither did Stormfront, she was pretty sneaky and subtle about it, her best quote was probably: "people agree with what im saying, they just think the word Nazi is bad". Trump advanced a racist agenda by doing subtle things like further reducing legal immigration (after all he said in a closed-door meeting that he prefers migrants from Norway and not "African shitholes"), removing safeguards that prevent housing discrimination, having his Department of Justice look the other way regarding civil rights violations, attempting to end birthright citizenship, ruling that domestic/gang violence was not grounds for asylum in the United States, mass-separation of immigrant families as deterrence so they'll learn their lesson, etc he was a figment of Spears' imagination like a lot of shows this one requires a certain suspension of disbelief when it comes to the enforcement of laws, a.k.a the police do not really exist except in scenes that demonstrate they are useless. this is necessary because the show would have a premature end if they simply imprisoned Kreese or if the police came to evict him from the strip mall well thats why religions were created, to help us cope with this existential dread no, there is not and yes awareness disappears when our bodies stop working because your awareness is your brain having electrical reactions.