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Oh, I don't know about that. I think dates are delicious. By the ending in which he drops dead when his clock ends. Most versions have Deckard and Rachel flying in the car and the movie ends there. But the full movie continued after that with them landing and then later with Gaff landing behind them. At that point both are dead. The people arguing that he lived have not seen the full movie but the shorter version. The full version was supposedly shown in Europe (although I bought my DVD in Tampa at a second hand store), but the studio thought that the sad ending would be a put off to Americans. So they cut the last 5 minutes or so for the American release. I have it on DVD so I know the full version has both dead at the end. Also, at the time I thought them both dying at the same time to be a plot hole. Why would both have had their termination clocks set to the same time? Also, didn't Deckard know when Roy Batty would die? Deckard presumably had seen Batty's file and should have known. My point, if these replicants were set to die soon anyway, why all the effort to find them? Just let them die. Apparently there are more than one ending. I have found three different endings on YouTube, none of which Deckard dies. The version that I have on my DVD ends with Deckard and Rachel flying their car out to a remote wilderness. Gaff lands behind the car and walks over to the car. Both Deckard and Rachel are in the car dead, and Gaff says something about Skinjobs (plural). If I can find a YouTube of that ending I will post it here. My guess just that he was old fashion crazy. We don't have any information about either of the hackers to know anything, though. She burned all her analog records, so she doesn't want the government knowing everything about her, what now a days would be called a right winger. She is one of the few remaining individualists left in that world of collective conformity. Maybe they accidentally reversed it, it's suppose to be 2.8, though that's a bit high as well. I was surprised LeCarre used the Westerby character again for The Honorable Schoolboy. Jerry in TTSP is a middle aged, slightly incompetent lush, who can barely make it from bar stool to bar stool. He's a loser. In THS he comes across as young, athletic, fit, adventurous, resourceful, and very much a ladies man. Don't forget he's shacked up at the beginning of the novel, later burns the bank director by showing him the night life, and ends up dooming himself by falling for the Ko's mistress. A completely different man. I think LeCarre should have invented a new name for what is essentially a new man. Prideaux's conversation with Smiley at the school had Prideaux relating about how interested Karla was in Control's conjectures towards the mole's identity. I got the impression Karla wanted to know how close Control was to unmasking his source, so I would think Karla would have wanted Prideaux alive. He is virulently anti-American. Go read or watch some of his interviews and the degree of hatred for the USA he expresses is quite intense. Also, his later novels were extremely anti-American, i.e. The Taylor of Panama, A Most Wanted Man, and Absolute Friends. Of course, his hatred of us didn't stop him from accepting the royalties from his book and movie rights sales over here. Not only female and black, but don't forget to include the LGBTQ characters. Just to be safe, make the entire cast black lesbians, that should satisfy the PC community. Also, can we get in some anti-Trump, global warming, and pro-Moslem comments? If so, we're talking Oscar time!