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The real captain marvel She is a sexist racist actress This garbage won't make much This film will be a big disaster This film is a disaster He is so goodlooking and sexy The thing which I love his most I love snyder <3 View all posts >


I'm a billionaire my 1 day earning>>>Your 1 year income lol I'm a billionaire I was in a business trip to south Africa for 2 months I'm not a basement dude like you I'm a busy man who has to handle a big business then had to look after my kids and wife zack snyder is the best don't dare to call him hack snyder >>> overrated nolan and russo brothers #SnyderFanForever hahaha you are jealous because aquaman grossed more than 20 marvel films hahaha jealous marvel fan Burn marveltard burn in the success of aquaman aquaman passed every mcu films collection Go and watch crap mcu films you mcu fanboys Both will be biggest flop of 2019 ,#Mcusucks She said marvel films sounds and quality poor read it properly Don't say a shit about my wife and children's The things I like about civil war :- Nothing hahaha a piece of crap it is basically View all replies >