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The best show on broadcast TV Its a great FAKE movie.. 10 for fun factor.. 1 for Biography Half Vampire girl VS. Naked white cyborg guy and his buddies. Forget all of you, I love this movie LOL Perfect example of what a good Director with a low budget can do! Avoid spoilers! I like the show Marvel fans, how close is this show VS Comic? One of the hottest women on the Planet Hello everyone! ShadowTek here... My IMDb review of Revenge (2017) View all posts >


Yes agree 100% was thinking/wondering the same thing myself. Thanks for the detailed info TapDancingTeddy yeah they took a ton of agenda driven choices.. figures.. dang. Wow, talk about a blast from the past.. The Freakin Warriors LOL damn.. yeah I'm old enough to remember watching that film as a kid and wow it did make a cool impression on me at the time!! Remember the Lizzys? (The girl gang) And corny as hell now but at the time how cool was that silly baseball gang lol.. can you dig it..... CAN YOU DIIIIIIIGGGGGGG IT!!!! LOL Thanks for the reply bud. No bud, was just saying that I miss the IMDb boards, and the owner of this site was able to replace them boards with this site, on every movie and celeb page you see these boards, kinda cool as it's all we have left for people that miss the IMDb boards. Also was just saying I started to make reviews.. which is literally as vital and important as a grain of salt lol. I may just post my reviews here as I like this place and it's very active it seems. Well.. it's Freeform so yeah.. expect crap. Wow.. thanks everyone! Almost embarrassed with how many people said hi.. was unexpected. Friendly cool site. Thanks :) You can see allot more by Googleing Emily Ratajkowski nude.. just say'in... The worst part of American culture.. is young Americans.. though most are OK.. if you are in California or New York you will meet people absolutely nothing like normal Americans.. those states are our whackadoodle fruitly loopy states :) There our version of modern Sweden and Germany LOL nope.. sorry :P View all replies >