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Patrick Swayze was absolutely beautiful in this! New promo video is seriously creepy. Amazing...The number of people who need a road map to watch a show.... Give it a chance... Is this supposed to be a horror movie? Janice Dickinson... She literally puts the "dick" in Dickinson. Jack Nicholson's disgusting eating habits! View all posts >


"super fast thrown snowballs" HAhahahahahahahaha!!! I felt the same way, I mean I enjoyed Robert and the additional episodes but I felt the real ending was season 7 as well :) I didn't hate him, I thought he was an awesome addition! :) You know how people are there, many of them can't accept change. But I think it all worked out well in the end. Take care! :) I am sorry to say that I do not find her at all attractive and I am a straight woman. She looks to much like my ex-husband :( Maybe because it was helpless with no way to fight back? Nicole Kidman before her surgeries. I hope you're referring to his choice of roles. O.o Really? Wow, I thought she looked beautiful and easily someone he could fall for. Typical, punk surfer girl :) I don't know what's happened to you when it comes to women but I am a woman and none of these things you listed are actions I would take. I would give him a chance considering he saved me from rape and possible murder. Lol View all replies >