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Wow. He has aged nicely! Does this prove the writers always intended Daenerys... Make sure to stay and watch after the end credits! Omg...the finale is amazing!!! The Child constantly put in dangerous situations by Mando.. The Marshall... Johnny Depp as the Joker... People who constantly post their lives on Facebook, etc... Richard Dreyfus So, I have been binge-watching this show and I must say... View all posts >


In my own humble opinion, she has the perfect body :) Omg, lmao!!! They are all Oscar winners ;) I have never found The Shining to be scary at all. The Exorcist scared the hell out of me! The Shining seemed very cheesy to me at times but it was an okay film, in my own humble opinion :) Rebel Wilson is hot as hell! I've never heard of this Kate Micucci chick. LOL! As I said before, you are so pathetic. Your comments are funny considering they're coming from the person who posted "This movie was autistic" on another movie forum. You followed me from my reply to your idiocy. You are obviously a troll, a creep and as stupid as a backwoods hillbilly. Go find someone else to bother and again, keep your ignorant comments to yourself. Be gone, I am done replying to your stupidity now and I have no doubt you will just keep replying with even more stupid comments. hubby and I love her. We think she is gorgeous and her voice does not bother us at all. But I can name a few voices out there that I cannot stand to listen to for sure :) That too. I need to watch both of those again. He killed it in Tropic Thunder! Heh, I love your idea though! :) That's your opinion and be thankful you have one. But I do believe you only asked just to troll, lmao. What a surprise. View all replies >