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StinkyPoopyPants (1915)


Kathy Moskowitz Strain Absolutely LOVE this woman! Howlin For You I can't believe this is the same kid from This Is 40. Lovely girl, very unflattering photo. Gary Busey in the park with his pants down.... Lmao! From the IMDB trivia section: First 8 minutes of the new season! His Profile Picture Poor Keith Richards View all posts >


Happy Birthday Beastmaster!! Omg I did too! Lol! "the entire concept behind the Razzies is mean-spirited and cruel" That's exactly what it is. I have always admired the actors / actresses that actually show up to accept their award. Shows they're the better person. I'm glad they did and hopefully she doesn't let it get to her. She's just a kid, geez. I'm glad they removed their Bruce Willis category as well. Poor guy. He was totally taken advantage of. I know he's rich and all but it's still sad to see someone exploited because of their illness. I did. Anyone can look decent if they tried or wanted to 😊 😳 Lol 😍 It's weird to see her like that. I didn't realize she was in "This is 40" and thought she looked pretty in that movie. Happy Birthday AckbarsRevenge! No! Too little too late, the damage has already been done. They should have known better in the first place. View all replies >