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I am actually looking forward to seeing this one. Why do we need another one??? I had a really hard time understanding him in Pet Semetary... Who is your ideal choice for Ariel? Watched this last night.... Patrick Swayze was absolutely beautiful in this! New promo video is seriously creepy. Amazing...The number of people who need a road map to watch a show.... View all posts >


Yes, that is all true. But it was all still mean ;-) I agree. I can't stand her in anything. She's so bland, wooden and annoying. I don't find her attractive at all. I think the title is meant to apply to all of the young ladies featured ;) I have always found Adrian Brody incredibly hot and sexy! Vincent Cassel is very good looking in my humble opinion :) He's hot as hell!!! Thank you for posting! I cannot wait to see this movie! :) I've not heard of her but you're right she does! What a gorgeous young woman :) Perfectly said and I too am looking forward to seeing this movie! Idiot. I think you mean "Coldblooded". His mentor is not the guy from Alien though :) View all replies >