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She is the opposite end of the spectrum from that pig faced Amy Schumer! Is this supposed to be a horror movie? Janice Dickinson... She literally puts the "dick" in Dickinson. Jack Nicholson's disgusting eating habits! Absolutely Adorable!! Martin, the real son. Garbage. Darlene's kids Her OWN Network Disgusting! View all posts >


It was played out so much better in the book. I admit I was disturbed by him in the book but he just looked too cute and funny in the movie to be scary to me. I get what you're saying though :) You need to watch it again then because when Mike answered the phone he was asked if he would accept a collect call from Travis Walton. I remember laughing my ass off when they first showed the undead Baby Gage! So not scary at all! He is far from ugly. He is incredibly sexy, handsome and charismatic. I will continue to watch him in everything he's in! "Because you are expecting the same exact jokes as the last one and nothing original" My kids enjoyed it as did I. Rarely is a movie as original as the first. In this case they would have been better off CG'ing it. I love Will Smith, nothing against him, just the way they made him look as the genie. Yuck! Based on his reaction when she saw him thru the window for the first time, yes I believe he did. I think he just enjoys the act of killing and if was able would have probably wiped out the whole town. Except for the babies and really small children of course. He seemed to just ignore them... Sad for the kid in the truck though :( Sweet! Take a shot, she just said it.. Oh! She said it again. 2 shots down! And one more, no two more! GO GO GO!!!! I absolutely LOVE him! He is incredibly versatile and hot too! Loved him in American Gothic, Office Space, both Brady Bunch movies and Family Guy ! He and Jane Lynch were the best part of Talladega Nights! Lmao! You have some very valid points for sure. Rape has become so frequent it's not even taken as seriously anymore. men and women, girls and boys need to be very careful at all times. It's sad world we live in for sure when it comes to violent crimes against men and women. View all replies >