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Jack Nicholson's disgusting eating habits! Absolutely Adorable!! Martin, the real son. Garbage. Darlene's kids Her OWN Network Disgusting! Beautiful! Wow. Nicholas Cage is freaking HOTT in this! View all posts >


[spoiler]He is talking about the rise of superheroes and villains. It doesn't mean there will be sequels but I suppose it can lead to more movies with different superheroes and villains ;)[/spoiler] Exactly this! I am stunned by how many people can't figure this out. ok is being nice. I hated it. I fell asleep not even halfway in and Kate Bosworth totally annoyed me in this. LMAO!!!! That person's a troll because they disagreed with you?! Wow, he/she is absolutely right. Grow up! I passed on the screening for this one because it was already getting such negative feedback. Glad I did! Thanks man! No, I don't feel the need to justify myself to a troll. This guy is an idiot. Omg I cannot wait to see this! I hope I can screen it ahead of theater release XD No, nope and no. View all replies >