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Jack Jack's Powers Go see it!!! I am actually looking forward to seeing this one. Why do we need another one??? I had a really hard time understanding him in Pet Semetary... Who is your ideal choice for Ariel? Watched this last night.... Patrick Swayze was absolutely beautiful in this! New promo video is seriously creepy. View all posts >


In order of success, in my own humble opinion of course :) Sean Penn Forest Whitaker Nicolas Cage Eric Stoltz Jennifer Jason Leigh Most definitely Rorschach in Watchmen. He was the best part of that movie! I loved her! She was wonderful and gorgeous as well :) I think it really depends on how you view that scene. I am sure many other people saw it the same way as you did, and many others saw it differently. I remember way back when this first premiered in theaters the director had said in an interview that the scene was not about them condemning her to be the new Candyman but were in fact giving her the hook as their way of thanking her for destroying him. Kind of like the way some tribes and Native Americans buried their dead with the bones, teeth, etc of their kills. Anyway, knowing this, if you choose to watch that scene again you'll probably see it in a different light and see that Anne-Marie didn't have a look of hatred but one of sadness. Hope this helps! Cheers! :) "I lingered too long b/c I hate bailing on a series that I watched from the very first ep's airing." I understand this completely because I am the same way. We cancelled our cable at the end of season 8 so I have not watched since but not because I don't really want to, mostly because I've been waiting for it to premier on Netflix. However, I have found that I don't miss it like I used to in between the seasons way back when :( Sad. How is "Watchmen"?? That is one I have been very excited for but haven't been able to watch yet! Cheers! :) Understandable. It was set up so much better in the book. It was just shock value in the movie. Anyway, good for you! Always stand up and fight for what you believe in :-) I used to model back in the late 80's and that was a very popular pose. It was called looking "carefree." Lol! Perfect :) Did you watch or leave? Omg really? She is absolutely beautiful and looks gorgeous in this photo! :) View all replies >