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I honestly have no idea, I am clueless when it comes to dog breeds... I was going to write a review, but you just made it for me. This show is deep in a way I was not expecting, it really touches on pressing issues in a way that is indeed provoking without making the show a hardcore drama - thanks to Gervais dark sense of humour and his smart writing. Loved the show, however, I am not sure it needs another season I believe the story has been told - how a man that lost his soulmate at middle age can go on with his life and find it a propose again. For me, the show is an 8.5/10 Btw loved your last sentence, which is quite lovely of you and spot on. To add something as well, how bloody cute is his dog? OMG. Really loved the movie, and I myself spread the Word of mouth as well. I think we all should to increase the already low odds of having a sequel in the near future (2-3 years). The movie is decent in the story, awesome in special effects and fights and has really compelling characters which I love Alita and how is she portrayed in the film. Not sure how she portrayed in the manga, and I am waiting to see if there is a sequel before I go ahead and buy the manga. I'd like to see how they do it first on the big screen. I'm confused the actor playing Elton in Rocketman is Taron Egerton, which doesn't disprove your argument of hotter casting but it's not Richard Madden... Referring to him being James Bond, I up for it, I think he could do a good job as long as it has a really good script and supporting characters, I don't think he could pull it off with his charisma. For example, I thought that Brosnan was a really good Bond regardless how bad the movies were in terms of script and such, he could pull it off because of his persona, contrary to Madden who would need a good script and supporting characters to pull it off. If they do cast him I believe is because they want to go for that type of bond a serious one and not go for an old school Goldeneye bond, which I am not sure what I would like to be honest. Not really looking forward to the next new Bond movie, we'll see what we get with the last Craig Bond movie. If they do they won't be showing them banging or kissing, most likely will be a really good friend of Elsa who happens to be another girl. That's enough for adults to get it and for kids to start having seeing that there is nothing wrong with having strong feelings for someone of your own gender. You don't need to be explicit about it, you can make it subtle. And I don't think that's a bad or good idea, just another character choice. Anyway, I won't be bothered if they decide to go for a close female friend to Elsa as I won't be bothered if they give her a black or asian boyfriend as long as it makes sense story-wise. I love this thread haha. Bloody hell, I think is the only interesting ¨nerdy¨thing that the big bang theory gave us. When it was said on the show, I thought to myself, hold on a minute... and thought about it for a while I even watched the movie again to see whether it made sense or not. And as many people say, Amy us wrong Indi had an impact to the story, even though a lot of his actions backfired but he eventually saved the day by getting the ark to the US and supposedly back to safety. Even though we all know what the US would do with the Ark if this was a true story. 2005 F4 was at least enjoyable at moments, the reboot was just cringy to watch even though the cast has plenty of potential. 2005 had Chris Evans which I think was perfect, well they even had a second movie, even though it was awful as well, and they just destroyed silver surfer... It really bothers me that they can't seem to get F4 right... I hope they try again, with the proper script, (wouldn't mind the same actors even though it's almost impossible( and a proper director because they have some cool storylines that I would love to see on the big screen. What? Why wouldn't it be released in the US? It's an American produced Movie. THat's like wondering whether Captain Marvel is going to be released in the US... I don't see any reason to doubt that. Same cast though? I think they start recording season two this February, so my guess is that around December next year will have season 2 available. Really looking forward to the next season! Awesome show! Loved the twist at the end. View all replies >