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which was amazing and perhaps the best action movie of 2018. He is know done with dramatic roles, for what his recent filmography is showing, but I am quite certain that it's not because he's bad at profound and complex characters but because he's just not interested in them at this point, he's still able to do stunts and fund his craziest dream action moves, and until he's not too old (if he ever is) I don't think he's going to take many dramatic roles. (1/2) I think that Tom Cruise started off good with good movies and decent and trandescending roles,. He started with The Outsiders (1983) which was a good movie with drama and such in a not one-dimensional character, then he moved into RIsky BUsiness, the same year, and All the Right Moves all in the same year, 1983. Those moves where the first one, gang drama, the second COmedic Drama, third Sports Drama, so mainly drama, the movies overall can be good or bad but he made a good job in all of them. Then he moved on to Top Gun, 1996. We all know Top Gun, action-packed film, you might like it or not, it has aged well (?) personal opinions incoming, but what its undeniable is that it made an impact, such an impact is now mainstream culture and Tom Cruise made that happen, we all know Top Gun because of his character and his stunts, and when it came out people noticed that he did his own stunts he liked that, I believe that this one is the move that he had the most fun working in, therefore he wanted to do more of those. But hey! he did not stop here, he then moved on to make: The Color of Money 1986, Rain Man 1988 and Born on the Fourth of July 1989 all of those roles quite deep with a lot of layers and complexity on their build. So I believe know he proved himself to be a good actor, not an action star. But he kept going with A Few Good Men 1992 Interview with the Vampire 1994. Oh, and between those movies he made Days of Thunder (1990) Far and Away (1992). After that Mission Imposible I (1996), Jerry Maguire (1996), Eyes Wide Shut (1999) and Magnolia (1999) all are pretty good with outstanding performances by Tom Cruise. His filmography is filled with deep and diverse characters, he enjoys doing stunts he's an adrenaline junkie and know that he has nothing to prove to anyone and has the money to do it, he just produces whatever he wants, sometimes is awesome The last Samurai or the latest MI, .... I think you misplaced Brad Pitt's name in that ranking ladder my friend, he might not be on the first one (for me he is) but definitely in the second level. Seven, 12 monkeys, Fight Club, Killing Them Softly, Moneyball, Spy Game, Babel, Interview with the Vampire, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Burn After Reading, Inglorious Basterds, Fury, 12 years slave ... he has a remarkable filmography, with great and very diverse characters. BTW I agree on your hit and miss about Cage, he is a hit or miss, even though he's a miss lately. But yeah, Joe, Mandy among other recent one are quite good, still way over top in his acting, but I quite like it when it fits the movie and the tone of it is well delivered. damm it! how dare you provide proof that denies a totally stupid statement?! they definitely don't like NASCAR. He is, in my opinion, a quite good actor, he started off with a shitty saga, but he has potential as an actor, and with the roles he chose after Twilight (i.e. The Rover, THe lighthouse, Lost City of Z, Good time or High Life), he's shown he wants to grow as an actor as well as showed potential. Therefore, I am willing to give him a chance and see what he can do as Batman. For me, it's just a way to see that people enjoy these films and as a lifelong comic book fan (any comic book, DC, Marvel or whatever) I love to see mainstream media liking those films. Also, really good Box Office means more movies for me, with a better budget and more awesomeness! So to sum up, great BO = More movies for me . •"It all comes to time and money, I think this season is rushed" Time and money?? Rushed?? They had two years and the highest budget in the history of TV. - Yeah, they did have two years and the highest budget in the history of TV. Yet, I believe they needed more time. •"the problem here is that for Dany to turn into a murderous psychopath, it should've taken more time to develop the character towards that properly" They could have made more episodes. When they had books to follow, they produced 10 episodes per year. - That's what I said... more episodes.... you are correct, better writers, because since they finished all G RR Martin material the show has a clear downfall in character development and dialogue. I don't think you can make a character do a full 180 in one episode, maybe in a movie where the character is presented and then twisted in 80 minutes yes, but a character that has been developing for 8 seasons and showing little to 0 signs of becoming a burn everyone and everything psychopath. And yes, she's shown some arguably grey killing decisions (Sam's Brother and Father). But they all were soldiers in a war, all within limits but burning kids and women alive also probably some of her own troops as well... since she was burning everything and dothrakis were raping people in the city, it's would not be crazy to assume that some ended up BBQed. I think we all agree that this season has been disappointing, to say the least, and I believe that it's because it's been rushed and there was no time (and perhaps no talent) to do it properly. I think they are trying to tell the same story overall, the problem here is that for Dany to turn into a murderous psychopath, it should've taken more time to develop the character towards that properly. You can't just do that evolution in two episodes and think people will go with it. She showed some murderous behaviour but nothing close to burning everyone alive, full of children and women. I believe it needed more build up to it. It all comes to time and money, I think this season is rushed, no surprise as it's the last one with only six episodes. I believe that ideally the show should've had two more seasons. Season 8: Dealing with the Knight King, more lore background and explanation regarding the long night, the knight king and bran. Season 9: Dealing with Cersei, more character development on why Dany tuns full mad queen and a bit more work into getting kings landing, it's just all too easy. Season 10: Dealing with Dany's madness. To sum up, this last 3 episodes in an ideal world should've been three seasons. It all comes to time and money to properly develop the evolution of the characters. PS. Same with Jamie, this whole series developing him towards a good man, just to be turned in a split second and forget all that his sister did... Okay I'll go with it, but I just can't wait for GG Marting to finish the bloody books to get a proper build up to everything, and I'll just take this past season as a summary. Well, I'll have to disagree on that. Sam was on the front line because he wanted to I think I remember correctly when I say that John told him to stay out of it and he decided to fight. Anyway, besides that, Edd got killed because Sam panicked and he helped him out thus distracting himself and leaving his back wide open and got stabbed in the back. So, yeah Sam's fault. But that's ok, I am not saying that's not reasonable to happen in a battle you help out a friend and you get killed, what my point was is, all these seasons getting sam from useless coward to brave and wise to end up making him a coward again. I remember he runs away after Edd got killed. View all replies >