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For me, it felt quite realistic, the way he turns pale as the scene goes on. How he fades out, his conscience goes out and doesn't know what's going on, how he discovers he's been stabbed, is not like o shit I got stabbed, there's a process, denial first. He lifts his clothes to see if he really has been stabbed. How the whole scene plays out, for me, it felt quite real. I don't remember anything as close or accurate as this death. Yeah, I've seen good deaths but quite dramatical, or theatrical (Reservoir Dogs comes to mind) this one for me was just real. I am not talking about story-wise or how much impact it had on you because of your attachment to the character because then I would argue Bambi's Mother would be a relevant death as well or Darth Vader's and the list goes on and on. I'm talking as to how real it felt, how crude it was how close to reality it felt, as much as I can imagine without seeing anyone die because of a gut stab. Perhaps a 5 episode series. So they can develop it properly. But good god, this last episode had like 10' story-worthy time. Anyway, I hooked, I loved the premise, and I'm liking the show overall, just looking forward to seeing how it wraps up. Underrated title haha I've always thought so, that Dr Strange in the MCU would easily beat non-stones/gauntlet Thanos. However, it always bothered me. After rewatching IW again, I saw that Ebony Maw was stronger and more skilled than Strange in the MCU, at least in the first encounter, even with the Time Stone. There, Ebony Maw fears Thanos and idolises him. I would assume he would not worship him if he could beat him and be him, Ebony Maw seems quite the narcissistic and puts himself above anyone he thinks less of him or less powerful. An example: their first encounter in NY with Tony and Strange, which Ebony Maw says something like (I'm paraphrasing), are you (Strange) going to let this animal (Stark) speak for you? So he kind of has Strange in a higher status than Stark, because of magic I guess but he has Strange lower than him, however, has Thanos ranked higher than him. Therefore, is really Strange stronger than non-stones/gauntlet Thanos? I am not sure. My guess, in IW Thanos, would win in Endgame Strange would, just because of experience. Stange is quite still learning in IW. Not so much in Endgame. could not agree more. Really looking forward to what he's going to do with Dune. Hopefully is well received with audiences and we get more than one film. I think you just don't like his movies. He has a particular and unique style which makes him who he is as a director. You just don't like it, which is fine. Self-absorbed idiot? Maybe, what successful artist is not self-absorbed? And if you don't like him/her, or his/her art, probably for you is going to be an idiot, thus Self Absorbed Idiot. For me, he's self-absorbed, sure; maybe a bit goofy. But since I like his stuff, for me he's quite amazing. She dies because of a heart attack. When she starts smashing her house with a baseball bat. She den gets a heart attack. After we see the son (<spoiler>the one that shoots Terry Maitland</spoiler>) and the father (<spoiler>the one that hangs himself</spoiler>) at the hospital while getting the news and brake. Yup @exatera is right. The outsider takes the DNA to become that person, to be a copy of them. Then he goes and does one of arguably the worst atrocity you can do, rape and kill a child. What I believe is that he feeds from grief, anger, and desperation. Once he's done the atrocity, he just waits and watches as the whole family collapses. Both the victims family (i.e. the child's parents, brothers, grandpas) and the "*perpetrator's" family (brothers of the killer, fathers and so on). If the disaster is not moving forward as the outsider wants, he then posses or forces other people to run the peace at its will. You can tell who are the puppets by the rashes in his neck, such as the cop Jack Hoskins. *which is actually the outsider. I don't think they look that alike. What you can do is print two pictures of each actor and have them stick on the TV. OR on your phone. On the other hand, Evil magic? Where do you get that from? It might be a shapeshifter even maybe an alien (?) we'll have to keep watching to get more answers. It has indeed gone a bit down in pacing and such, but the pilot was just crazy it's impossible to maintain that level with the whole season. But in every episode, there are some reveals and evolution. I'll keep watching. View all replies >