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<blockquote>Kate won four (even if I must say that three of them came for her work in movies I'm not too fond of).</blockquote> Kate Hepburn had won only one Oscar by 1960. <blockquote>it was also mentioned that Anna had a facebook page all about her babysitting. would have likely made it much easier to find the babysitter,</blockquote> That's a logical explanation from the context of the script, but IRL, publicly mentioning the names, addresses and appointments of the people you're babysitting for makes no sense at all. The perps would have had to know all that for their plan to work. <blockquote>Maybe the film wasn't set in 2016</blockquote> Facebook plays a role in the narrative. <blockquote>Since 2006, anyone who claims to be at least 13 years old has been allowed to become a registered user of Facebook</blockquote> So I believe the story is contemporary. <blockquote>Of course the parents gave her the keys to the house. Right at the beginning.</blockquote> I just rewatched the scenes from when Emelie got into the dad's minivan, to when both parents walked out the door. There was no key exchange. <blockquote>they had fake identities.</blockquote> If she had one, it certainly wasn't in that big purse of hers. <blockquote>He threw the remote</blockquote> No, he definitely threw the VHS tape to the floor. You can hear the sound effects of him pulling the cassette and ribbon out of the player. He then throws it to the floor in front of her for emphasis. After that he looks straight at her and says, "That's private." At no point does he have a remote control in his hands. <blockquote>VHS tapes are not that old....</blockquote> VHS tapes stopped being manufactured in 2008. I just took a look at that scene to focus on her eyes instead of just her voice. I stand corrected. Now I think it <b>was</b> mommy. Thanks. <blockquote>It wasn't an affair. It was a sex tape of him and his wife</blockquote> According to the subtitle file: 00:38:46,589 --> 00:38:49,359 Christopher: It's Mommy. Sally: That's not Mommy. It was a deliberate decision to have 9 year old Sally correct her 4 year old brother in order to establish who was more likely to be accurate. <blockquote>As far as the movie goes, they said they only feed the snake dead mice. That is cruel to the snake.</blockquote> According to the subtitle file: 00:32:16,066 --> 00:32:20,931 Anna: "In the wild, these animals are hunters. They always devour their prey alive." 00:32:21,031 --> 00:32:22,807 Jake: "Warm." So Jake corrected the common myth of snakes having to eat live prey. That's why he was shown removing it from the microwave for feeding. View all replies >