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Great film, prefer Tristan & Isolde myself Didn't work for Russell Crowe 20yrs ago, did it? She's too old now... It's a big gay and PC brainwashing agenda, straight from the elites who fund and support it. Expect more needless (to the plot) gay film scenes. Former CIA career officer of 20yrs explains - Too much wanking... Maybe it's a tester for something worse to come? Weren't Russia and Korea warned by China to close their borders? She probably has the Masons structure everything for her- imagery, lyrics etc Except Beyonce has talent and a naturally big ass. The live version, no. The studio version- like has already been stated, Lennon said to ''leave it in''... Some crybaby little pussies can't accept that- 1. This is a democracy, for free speech 2. Other people are legally allowed to have opinions of their own Go back to mummy's womb, pathetic little c**t Talentless? Yeah, now they're rich and famous for spreading their eager, grasping legs, they keep schtum. Yeah, blame the studio Producers. They made the world wait that long, only for a sub-par ending Watch it all, anyway. I was pissed off waiting for 18mths for series 8 So fuckin what? Doesn't the USA have free speech? Possibly, and the fact that he wanted the alien ''smuggled'' through quarantine, suggests that he knew about the adult aliens and made sure that it failed, with ''too few'' troops? The company (rumours in that meeting with Van Lewin and also what Burke vowed to Ripley), or whoever sent the Marines, didn't? That was only told to them by their Lt on the ship. The Terraformers knew different, so did the ''bosses''. Guess that the USA has no freedom of speech, allowed to think what they want? Yes, true. I suspect our [UK] Govt with everything, and foreign ones, too. Ned