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It’s so obvious that Terry Hobbs killed them His movies just keep getting dumb and dumber This movie proves that Cosby was innocent This love story could have happened in real life How do you film a shower scene with no nudity? Just saw it again, it’s a masterpiece Halloween fans can never be pleased Wow, talk about a pathetic award show lol Who in their right mind would see this over Fallen Kingdom or Solo? View all posts >


“Time to fight for our rights” The left is doing the opposite of fighting for “our rights” though lol. They’re totally fine with getting rid of the 2nd amendment, totally fine with attacking free speech by banning words and trying to silence conservative speakers. People getting fired because of social media posts are entirely the lefts fault, they’ve ruined the country so bad for themselves. Gay men watch “The Devil wears Prada” and “Glee”......only a closeted homosexual would need a hot chick in a movie to feel straight. You’re projecting my child. I don’t need a retard apologist running his mouth off to me. The guy either had Down Syndrome or was one of those inbred dummies...either way he had no business surviving at the end, let alone being in this trashy movie. The problem with most women is that they’re gullible as hell and whenever they make a stupid decision (which is quite often) they always play the victim card. If they want to start earning the same as men and getting the same recognition as men then they need to start “Manning up” by taking responsibility of their life and to stop playing the victim card. ^^^gold digger who is jealous of a man’s paycheck and wants to exploit them financially. Did your male “best friend” give you a known party drug and did you willingly accept it? Did he massage your back and whisper things into your ear? Think about it would ya! Cosby never admitted to raping anyone so you’re talking out of your ass again. You don’t seem to understand how evidence works. “Hearsay” isn’t evidence, women waiting decades to come forward isn’t evidence. Can you name a single piece of tangible evidence that can be verified? If not then I hope some bimbo you used to know from the 90’s comes forward and falsely accuses you of rape, maybe see how you like it ehhh. She’s probably a bisexual but that’s beside the point. What did she think was gonna happen? They play scrabble for 2 hours and then just go home? Nobody is buying that story. Men and women don’t drink wine casually together, it’s only in a romantic setting or way. I never said that Cosby didn’t have sex in general, just that he never raped any of the women who came forward. If it was a stranger then of course I wouldn’t, that would be rape. But if it was a female friend who willingly came over to my house, drank romantic wine, and accepted party pills and a back rub....That’s much closer to consent. Cosby only had sex with the accuser who took him to court.....all the other accusations were made up and not true. View all replies >