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The last good Dwayne Johnson movie so all those kids could afford to live in NYC? Is it still happening? No talk about Tyre Nichols? People are getting sick of him. so what was wrong with him? Screams Oscar Fodder Overrated Pretty Awful. A gold digger that finally received her comeuppance View all posts >


depressed me as a kid, cant imagine how id take it as an adult now. XFL is flopping and now word is coming out he attempted to make the DCEU completely about him and Superman. COME ON BRUH no brainer, comic book movies. but this is like picking burning or drowning as your death. Work together to do what? Walk to the truck, grab a battery and guns, and drive? There are no infected in this show, so to assume they fight together through hordes of infected, randomly, for the only time in the entire series, sounds stupid Adonis vs Dwayne Johnson (Since Dwayne cant make a true hit that isnt an established IP) the fan boys will say the story isnt about the zombies. but the zombies literally created the world they now live in. But when there are no zombies, there is no threat. So why are they not rebuilding cities and trying to get civilization back on their feet. they mention Ellie has the potential cure, but why does it matter when theres so few zombies? Rebuild the civilization and wipe out the remaining zombies. Problem solved. Ep 3 will be the episode synonymous with the season 2 is definitely the best. I saw it back when it released and it was such an awesome spectacle while also being completely hilarious. I had high expectations for Part 3 based off this one, but the pivot back to the original directors fell flat to me. They should have kept rolling with the director from part 2, whos background was a 2nd unit director, primarily directing action scenes....and it shows with the highway pile up you talking about the "chicken nuggies" shit from a few years back? Yeah that was cringe AF this the dude trying to convince all his buddies how good IPA's are. View all replies >