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Stop making Arnold the hero in Hollywood! The Highest Mountain Should play Clark Griswald in the National Lampoon Vacation reboot The ending scene No one even flinches at the fact there's a strange cop just hanging around the vestibule? The Final Chase Post your theater reactions *spoilers* No Crossbows? No deadfall traps? View all posts >


PLEASE....PLEASE......PLEAAAAAAASE I BELIEVE ITS MAGIC I wish they fleshed out Punks character a little more. Good monster design though, reminded me of something out of silent hill I hear you on the novel. I just started the audio book...about 4 hours in...kinda dragging on...and the overall premise sounds like a supernatural Terminator 2 sounds dumb The water on the side of the glass was one splash that split into 2... kinda like a cell I thought there general consensus was this was a "rogue" predator that didn't follow code...which is why Danny Glover was spared in the space ship they were an illuminati cult I wouldn't go to that extreme. Most audiences agree...look at the cinemascope and rotten tomatoes audience stores for reference all ages actually. An older couple walked out saying they didn't understand the movie at all the head was on the side of the road where the accident happened. The headless body was in the back of the Tracer. OJ Simpson View all replies >