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Who enjoyed this one better than the Remake with The Rock? Who saw it in the theater? What was his downfall as President? And though it seems Heaven sent... Get that man out of the White House immediately! Saw this on TV back in the day Dr. Peter Venkman apparently dies in the opening scene Did Scary Movie ruin Scream? Who would have been better in the role of "The Man" The should bring back Master P to do a song on the soundtrack View all posts >


YES! The Democrats organized a world wide pandemic that crippled and killed hundreds of millions of people - only to get DONNIE FUCKING TRUMP out of the white house. if everyone took COVID seriously, we would have returned to normalcy and we could have had a normal holiday season. but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO people have to ruin it because they are absolutely pathetic because people were expecting another epic Jurassic Park level joy ride YES!!!!! The wind was an awesome touch to this - any idea of it was intentional or purely enviornmental? I agree, this is probably the best F13 of the series ALL HE DID WAS CREATE THE BIGGEST DIVIDE IN THIS COUNTRY SINCE THE CIVIL WAR. GET HIM THE FUCK OUT OF THAT WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i watch this video once a week to be reminded at how racist this shit is This makes sense then like silence of being in awe? U serious? Part 7 was fucking amazing! View all replies >